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Breaking GBBO news: New twists expected in the 2018 finale!

Image credit: Love Productions

24th Oct 2018

They've been thrown challenge after challenge, but this new task might be a step too far...

When The Great British Bake Off moved to Channel 4, the one thing that truly remained the same was the format of the show (albeit with ad breaks, which as it turns out, are the perfect opportunity to put the kettle on). But now, the Bake Off producers have set the contestants a challenge unlike anything they've experienced thus far - baking outside of the tent. For the first time ever, the technical challenge will be set outdoors, and is said to be "deceptively simple". It's also been stated that the signature challenge this final is doughnuts (great choice), but we're also yet to find out what the showstopper challenge involves. So, thinking caps on team - what do you think the technical challenge could be for the 2018 finale?

Get involved and let us know over on the Baking Heaven Facebook page. See you there!

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