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Brighten up your bakes with Cake Décor's Super Strength Colour Gels

3rd Aug 2018

Cake Décor's new range of Super Strength Colour Gels are set to make baking brightly even easier.

Whether you’re looking to make trendy marbled meringues for your next garden party or colour a vibrant rainbow cake for an upcoming celebration, these Cake Décor Super Strength Colour Gels are just what you need! Not only do they provide a fun way to transform your bakes, but these bake-stable gels are also so easy to use. Available in a range of colours (red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and black), the gels come in easy-dose 19g tubes. They are great for adding amazing colour to sponge and icing, just add small amounts until the desired colour is achieved.

Get yours from Morrisons, or online at Sprinkles & Co.

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Click here to view our range of live webinars!