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Carole Nash Celebrates with Motorbaking

To celebrate thirty years in business, Carole Nash has been 'motorbaking', and has unveiled a life-size replica of a motorobike made from cake and chocolate.

19th Nov 2015

To mark its birthday and celebrate thirty years in business, Carole Nash has been 'motorbaking', and has unveiled a life-size replica of a motorcycle, which is made entirely from cake and chocolate. Measuring 2 metres in length and 0.9 metres tall, the unique creation is modelled on the exact motorcycle that Carole Nash first insured back in 1985, an AJS 1927 which to this day is still insured through the company. Dubbed as the world's first 'motorbake', it took over one month to design and 375 hours to create and includes a whopping 60kg of chocolate, 25kg of icing and a gut-busting 23kg of cake mix. In total the motorbake weighs in at a staggering 100kgs! Revealed as a surprise during the Altrincham based firm's 30th birthday party at Manchester's Imperial War Museum, the motorbake didn't hang around for longĀ  as it was being enjoyed amongst the company's 300 employees. The now retired Founder, Mrs Carole Nash OBE, DL, said, "This was a momentous occasion for the company and it was fantastic to see the first bike we ever insured memorialised in cake form. What better way to celebrate our thirtieth birthday than with a slice of cake." David Newman, Chief Executive of Carole Nash, added, "We're extremely proud to be celebrating our 30th anniversary as a business this year. This historic achievement, as well as our continued growth and success, is testament to the talent and dedication of our colleagues, many of whom have been with us since the very early days of the business. It was a pleasure to be able to celebrate this milestone with everyone who has been involved in the combined success of Carole Nash over the last thirty years. In particular our loyal customers, some of whom have been with us since day one." Carole Nash, David Newman and Ivan Rhodes at the 30th Birthday Celebrations The cake was made by food artist Prudence Staite and her team, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. As unusual as the creation is, this isn't the first quirky commission that Ms Staite has undertaken. Some of her other works of food art include a portrait of the Queen made from 2012 cupcakes, a life-size chocolate sofa and even Rome's Colossuem made from pizza dough.

"This sculpture has probably been one of the most technically challengingĀ  jobs we have done as everything needed to be the correct size and proportion to look as real as possible. The engine is hand sculpted from solid milk and dark chocolate, mixed with rice pops, and built up in layers, and carved using sculpting tools and a sharp knife. The sculpting tools are similar to what is used to create clay sculptures. I also used chocolate mixed with glucose to make a modelling paste to create details such as the various cables, bolts and nuts. To make the nuts and bolts look real, I added some edible silver colour. The seat was created with thick sculpted chocolate, covered with a huge piece of dark chocolate modelling paste to create a leather style finish. I used modelling tools to add sticking detail and folds. Pretty much like how a real seat would have been upholstered." -Prudence Staite

Carole Nash 30th AnniversaryFor anyone wishing to make the motorbake, it should be noted that you would need 7kg of caster sugar, 7kg of butter, 124 eggs, 7kg of salf-raising flour, 31tsps of baking powder, 2kg liquid glucose, and 60kg of dark, milk and white chocolate, plus edible silver food colour to give the authentic AJS style. For further information on Carole Nash's 30th birthday celebrations visit
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