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Chocolate ganache biscuits meet the latest fashion

The Berkley, served it's very first Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea 10 years ago! This selection of high fashion biscuits and bakes is a dream array.

9th Sep 2016

From the catwalk to the cakewalk, this selection of biscuits and bakes is a fashionistas dream array...
This feature was originally written by The Telegraph A glittering, statement bow is positioned next to a shot glass of apple mousse and chocolate ganache. You could snap in a cheeky leg in half (ouch) and dip it into a delicious cherry compote or dig into a stripy handbag with a gold-icing embellishment. Let us introduce, fashion on a china plate at The Berkley. This outstanding London hotel, The Berkley, served it's very first Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea 10 years ago! Inspiration from the catwalk and high flying designers latest collections filter down to the biscuity bases of these floral biscuits. This isn't your typical British afternoon tea - it's more Valentino dresses and Loubiton red soles, completely transformed into biscuits and mousses lighter than the finest Italian silk. [caption id="attachment_8458" align="aligncenter" width="600"]pret-mulberry-large_transeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengruma Rainbow Summer Mousse inspired by Mulberry's Spring/Summer 2014 Image credit: John Carey[/caption]
Don't miss out on Simone Rocha's Autumn/Winter 2015 nude floral dresses ingeniously formed into floral salted caramel eclairs made with fondant icing and red edible flowers. The master behind the designs is Mourad Khiat, The Berkeley’s head pastry chef, who, spends hours, weeks, months developing each menu inspired by the season, never knowing if those Kirkwood heels will become a sponge or brownie.
'I love to go to the shows to get a feel for the product and pick up the details and textures, to see if something is flat or flowing,’ he says.
He explains that Bikinis are 'definitely a biscuit’, however when it comes to shoes he may choose embellishments over outline, giving a close-up of gold soles and pearl detailing with glitter fondant and silver balls on a silky Sachertorte. The fashion designers are regular visitors at The Berkeley when Manolo Blahnik’s last visited he brought with him the Hangisi shoe that inspired some of Khiat’s iced biscuits! They all love to see their own key pieces delicately placed on the regal chinaware. Fashion's absolute favourite Prêt-à-Portea bakes are acknowledged in a new book, astonishingly the recipes are shared here so we can try them in our own kitchen. The book covers everything from burberry trench biscuits to Anya Hindmarsh handbag cakes, it all makes for a obsessed fashionistas feast.

Colourful heels in the form of biscuits, covered in icing and edible glitter details. Image credit: John Carey


Chic salted-caramel floral eclairs inspired by designer Simone Rocha. Image credit: John Carey


Fruity infusion of flavours all packed into this classic design by Anya Hindmarch Image credit: John Carey


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