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Dawn French explains the GBBO rumour

Image credit: The Great British Bake Off - S1 Generic.

7th Nov 2016

Dawn told The Mirror on Thursday: 'I think that rumour started because what other two girls are there working together?

It's as simple as that. 'Those two, them'. Absolutely not, no. It'll probably work perfectly nicely on Channel 4. They don't have to get many viewers to be pleased.

'Mary'll get her own thing and Mel and Sue'll get their own thing and everyone will be happy.'

The state of the new show - which the channel spent a whopping £75million for earlier this year - has gone from bad to worse since its presenters decided to call it a day. It was also revealed that there will be no Comic Relief Bake Off in the run up to Christmas, either.

According to newspaper, the four-part charity series, which would see Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry judge together one last time on the BBC, was refused by Love Productions.

The BBC wanted to continue their tradition of a charity spin-off, which sees celebrity contestants compete in the famous Bake Off tent.

However it has been reported that the show's owners, Love Productions, have refused the offer - opting to create their own charity version in aid of Stand Up To Cancer instead, once it has moved to Channel 4.

Saunders, best known for being Dawn's sidekick in their comedy heyday, won The Great Comic Bake Off in Series 2.

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She quickly shot down reports that she and Dawn would be the new duo behind the presenting gig though, in a Tweet from the start of October.

She said: 'Its complete boll**ks that Dawn and I are 'lined up' to take over Great British Bake off.'

The decision is undoubtedly a disappointing one for both the BBC and the show's 15 million-strong fan base - with whopping 14 million of those tuning into the final on Wednesday night.

However the Mirror further claims that Love Productions contacted the BBC about a potential charity series back in June - but they received no reply.

An insider at the TV company said: 'It is preposterous nonsense and nothing more than a half-baked accusation to suggest Love were willing to make a Comic Relief special when in fact they refused.

This story first appeared on The Daily Mail

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