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Duo create cookbook as a tribute to Missed Mothers

Missed Mothers is the new recipe book created by students Abigail Williams and Eden Humphreys for Breast Cancer Care. This is a tribute to their mothers.

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28th Oct 2016

Missed Mothers is the new recipe book created for Breast Cancer Care by students Abigail Williams and Eden Humphreys

Abigail, originally from Suffolk, and Eden, from Cheshire, both studied Creative Advertising at Lincoln University and they are both now duo dwellers in London. The creative pair have published their first book and are already on the hunt for even more treasured recipes to include in the next instalment of Missed Mothers. Why did you want to produce this cookbook, Missed Mothers? E: We initially had the idea to make Mother’s Day a celebration for those who have lost their mothers rather than a day to dwell. But with Mother’s Day soon approaching, we found ourselves stretched for time! So instead we decided to create Missed Mothers; a cookbook that would be a permanent celebration of missed mothers. That’s when our beloved Missed Mothers was born! Missed Mothers is a cookbook full of recipes from mothers who have passed away to allow their memory to live on through baking. A: Together we decided that all profits from Missed Mothers would be given to Breast Cancer Care because of my mum's battle with Breast Cancer in 2015. The charity were a massive support and comfort to my mum, Sandra Williams, during her treatment. It meant a lot to us to be able to give back to the charity that have helped, not only my mum, but continue to help so many other women going through a difficult and challenging time in their life.

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Tell us about both of your first memories of baking? E: When I was younger, the only cake I ever wanted was my Grandma’s coffee cake. Every time I visit her, we always make it. She learnt the recipe from her mum, Mildred Jeffreys, who’s original recipe is in Missed Mothers under ‘Granny Jeffreys’ Mocha and Walnut Cake’. I still request it for my birthday every year! A: My Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Bill owned a hotel where my Grandma’s baking became an addiction for locals. Whenever we visited them, Grandma would always bake treats for us! As she got older and wasn’t able to bake as much, she still made sure she had cakes in the cupboards for visitors, and for herself! I also have fond memories of baking cupcakes, icing biscuits and making Mars Bar rice crispy cakes at my Grandma Joan’s and Grandad Bill’s house. I guess you could say my love for baking started because of my grandparents! Have you had any interesting stories that have come from those who have given the recipes to you? A: Yes, we received so many interesting and heart-warming tributes, that can all be read in the book. Missed Mothers includes mother’s from the Philippines, Hungary, Italy, USA, etc, therefore you get a feel for the different cultures, which we found fascinating. One that sticks out for me is ‘Lola Benita’s Suman Malagkit’. The child of Lola Benita (Lola meaning Grandma in Filipino) told us that they couldn’t get a photo of Benita as she lived in a rural area of the Philippines, therefore this is the only recipe in the book where no photo of the mother is present, but that gave Benita’s recipe page even more character! What are your favourite recipes in the book? E: ‘Granny Jeffreys’ Mocha and Walnut Cake’ holds a special place in my heart, but ‘Veda’s Vanilla Fudge’ is so crumbly and delicious! A: Like Eden, I can’t answer this question and not mention my Grandma Gwen’s ‘Belgium Chocolate Cake’. It is simple yet so incredibly delicious, and heavenly, and moreish... I also love ‘Ellaline’s Chocolate Fudge’. It doesn’t say it in the name, but this recipe includes orange zest, and one of my favourite things is chocolate orange! I could name them all, really! What has been the highlight of this new venture so far? E: It’s been great to work together on this project. I’ve loved doing all the drawings and discovering all the stories behind the desserts. When I showed my Grandma the book for the first time and she saw her mum in there, she nearly cried. It’s so nice to be able to bring back all the great memories to the children. A: There’s been so many highlights... Receiving the tributes, talking to so many inspirational people, editing on InDesign and seeing it all come together, receiving our first proof-copy, going on BBC Lincolnshire radio, but most importantly making my mum smile and being able to help those who can also relate to breast cancer.
Do you have plans for the future? E: We absolutely loved creating Missed Mothers, so we’re looking forward to collecting recipes for the next edition, as well as juggling working in the advertising industry. If you or someone you know would like to give a recipe from a missed mother to feature in the next edition, then please get in touch at [email protected] or for more info visit A: Missed Mothers will be able to buy late October 2016. Visit to buy!
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