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Eric Kayser takes to Baker Street to open a new bakery in 2017

13th Dec 2016

Master Baker and entrepreneur Eric Kayser is to open his first UK based bakery and restaurant on Baker Street in January 2017

Growing up as the fourth generation in a baking family originating in Alsace, Northeastern France, Eric is known as one of France’s best bakers - passionate about creating bread. We are very excited with the news that this will be the very first Maison Kayser bakery to open in the UK. Did you know that there are now over 100 bakeries in 21 countries – bringing the successful Kayser formula and the very best of French baking culture to the heart of London. The London site will open just over twenty years since Eric opened his very first bakery in Paris in 1996. bakery

“Transforming water, leaven, salt and flour into complex and varying flavours is my passion and I want to share and introduce it to other craftsmen around the world”

The new bakery and restaurant will be a celebration of all things artisan. The bread will be baked on site throughout the day and everything available to eat in the site or to takeaway will embody the baker’s rigorous approach to food. Kayser is famous for his exemplary sourdough breads that rely on a liquid natural starter without commercial yeast. The site, located on Baker Street, will seat 60 and will host a take away bakery, sit-down restaurant and patisserie. And if you're a commuter or work nearby you'll be pleased to here that it will be open from 7am until 11pm every day, the site will offer an extensive menu of food. The bakery is the latest exciting food addition to the Baker Street area of Marylebone, an area that has seen a recent culinary revitalization – sounds fresh!
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