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FMM Sugarcraft launches special edition product to celebrate 70 years in business

6th Sep 2018

Did you know that the first flower cutter ever created by FMM was a simple carnation cutter that was hugely successful?

So to celebrate their 70 years in business, FMM are going back to their roots and have launched a special edition ‘More Than a Dahlia’ cutter set. The dahlia is a vibrant, daisy-like flower that looks spectacular on wedding and celebration cakes (turn to page 56 in our latest issue of Cake Decorating Heaven for FMM’s step-by-step project using the new cutters!). Priced just £7.50 from, this easy to use set consists of three cutters so you can create different types of dahlias up to 10cm in diameter, plus you can also use the set to make beautiful water lilies, chrysanthemums, fantasy flowers and much more!

Take a look at the ‘More Than a Dahlia’ cutter set here. 

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