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Galaxy cake for son's birthday impresses the entire internet

One woman turned the traditional sponge cake into an magical space-galaxy themed masterpiece and it has impressed everyone!

28th Mar 2017

One woman turned the traditional sponge cake into an magical space-galaxy themed masterpiece...

An Australian woman has transformed a fairly simple cake into a artistic creation and it's taken the internet by storm. The cake was posted by Imgur user Pedagiggle, who baked the cake for her son's fourth birthday, in her post she told the audience that her sister is also a baker. 'I wanted to make a galaxy/space cake that was space-y on the outside, but also space-y on the inside. I could not find a recipe so I had to improvise,' she wrote

She very generously shared the instructions for others to attempt this style as well.

'For this cake you'll need a white cake recipe,' she wrote.

'I did this because you want to have true colours and white/galaxy/milky way swirls rather than yellow tinged.'

This superstar mum, explained that to make the cake you need to separate the white cake mixture into five parts, colouring each part a different colour.

The planets were created by baking cake mixture in cake pop molds and adding dollops of food colouring.  The rest of the cake is a vanilla marble-cake, she commented.

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Make some more white cake mixture (I doubled the recipe I used for the balls). Separate into four portions in the ratio 4:1:1:1.

'Get a whole lot of food colour.... Colour each part as described and leave one part white,' she wrote.

'Pour in the dark blue and evenly place purple and pink blobs around tin. Pour the white on top of the coloured parts,' she wrote, before explaining she then dropped the 'planets' into the mixture.

Heather Laird, of the Sprinkle Bakes blog was the first to share her ingredients and method for a velvet galaxy cake. If you want some alternative ideas there are plenty out there...

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This story first appeared on the Mail Online

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