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GBBO 2020 – the story so far…

Let’s have a recap on what's happened in The Great British Bake Off 2020 so far! Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched them yet…! Happy reading...

Image credit: (L-R) Hermine, Sura, Rowan, Marc, Laura, Linda, Mak, Dave, Loriea, Lottie, Mark and Peter. © 2020 Mark Bourdillon/ Love Productions

28th Oct 2020

We’ve just finished watching week six of The Great British Bake Off, and what a series it has been so far! With six remaining out of the 12 bakers who will be the next contestant to go home? Let’s have a recap on what has happened in the series so far! Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched them yet…! Ready… set… read!

[caption id="attachment_27968" align="alignnone" width="600"]GBBO Prue and Paul © 2020 Mark Bourdillon/ Love Productions[/caption]

Week 1: Cake

  • Signature challenge – Battenburg cake.
  • Technical challenge – Six mini pineapple upside-down cakes.
  • Showstopper – take inspiration from their favourite celebrity and create a bust made out of delicious cake and icing.
  • Star baker – Peter, who impressed with his tasty Battenburg and Chris Hoy showstopper.
  • Baker to leave – Loriea.
Take part in your own bake-off challenges with these recipes:

Week 2: Biscuits

  • Signature challenge – Florentine biscuits.
  • Technical challenge – Prue Leith’s coconut macaroons.
  • Showstopper – 3D dinner setting biscuit sculpture.
  • Star baker – Dave dazzled the judges with his snappable biscuits.
  • Baker to leave – Mak.
[caption id="attachment_27970" align="alignnone" width="600"]GBBO EP1 © 2020 Mark Bourdillon/ Love Productions[/caption] Have a go making these delicious biscuit recipes:

Week 3: Bread

  • Signature challenge – Soda bread.
  • Technical challenge – Rainbow bagels.
  • Showstopper – Bread plaques celebrating one thing the bakers are grateful for in the form of a traditional Harvest Festival Sheaf.
  • Star baker – Marc who impressed with his Tibetan monastery bread.
  • Baker to leave – Rowan.
Try these bread recipes:

Week 4: Chocolate

  • Signature challenge – Chocolate brownies.
  • Technical challenge – Babka, a sweet braided bread originating from the Jewish community.
  • Showstopper – White chocolate celebration cake.
  • Star baker – Mark, who impressed with his showstopper cake.
  • Baker to leave – Sura, the queen of flavours.
[caption id="attachment_27971" align="alignnone" width="600"]Prue © 2020 Mark Bourdillon/ Love Productions[/caption] Try these heavenly chocolate recipes:

Week 5: Pastry

  • Signature challenge – Cornish pasties.
  • Technical challenge – Raspberry salted caramel eclairs.
  • Showstopper – Tart in a pastry cage.
  • Star baker – Laura, whose pastry was perfect!
  • Baker to leave –Linda.
Pastry recipes you choux try: Week 6: Japanese
  • Signature challenge – Steamed buns.
  • Technical challenge – Matcha crepe cake.
  • Showstopper – Kawaii cake.
  • Star baker – Lottie.
  • Baker to leave – Mark.
Japanese recipes to try: Bring on week 7 with a... 1980s theme!  

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