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Great British Bake Off line-up features the shows oldest contestant yet

22nd Aug 2017

The contestants heading into the tent for the new series of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 include a a student, an amateur blacksmith and the show’s oldest ever baker. The youngest of this year’s 12 bakers is 19-year-old student Liam with the oldest being 71-year-old retired factory worker Flo, who took up baking again two years ago when her husband passed away.
Not far behind him is 21-year-old Julia. Originally from Kemerovo, Siberia, Julia lives with her husband Matt in West Sussex and taught herself to bake from a young age.   There’s also 46-year-old Laboratory Research Scientist Yan who lives with her wife, cat and her sourdough starter called ‘Muvver’ (yes, really) in North London.
Lifelong baking enthusiasts include Tom, a 29-year-old from Edinburgh and Hertfordshire lad Steven, 34, who’s been baking for 25 years and credits his mum as instilling the passion in him. “Bald baking banker” James, 46, from Essex grows vegetables on his allotment when he’s not in Canary Wharf, and says his dad taught him to bake 40 years ago. Also in the mix is 29-year-old Kate from Merseyside who has only been baking for two years and works as a Health and Safety Inspector. She also enjoys being a blacksmith in her spare time (as you do).
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