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Guess how much this cake is worth?

Super cake creator and baker, Robert Ross, 69, constructed this incredible piece and it took him 400 hours to make. Guess how much it's worth?

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7th Sep 2016

Super cake creator and baker, Robert Ross, 69, constructed this incredible piece to mark the 125th anniversary of the Scottish Bakers association, can you guess it's worth?

Feast your eyes on this cake that in total took 400 hour to make, they must teach a great deal of patience at the Scottish Bakers association! To give you another shock this cake has an insurance value of £40,000, that's the estimated average value of items in a UK home. At the ripe age of 69, Mr.Ross had a lot of elements to produce to make this cake as outstanding as it is! He carefully hand-painted the panels with food colouring and spent many hours making lace out of icing to decorate it. [caption id="attachment_8373" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Guess how much this cake is worth? Image: The Daily Record[/caption]
But don't worry, this cake is not available for any hungry tums! The association plan decided to demonstrate what their made of and to put it on display at their Fife HQ. Go Robert, we think it's amazing!
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