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Illusion Cakes

Take inspiration from our favourite illusion cakes that are sure to leave you in disbelief!

Image credit: Illusion Cakes

5th Dec 2017



When is a cake not a cake? When it's an illusion cake, of course! Unless you've been under a rock for the past couple of years, you may have noticed a recent trend for illusion cakes - works of art that look like anything but cake!

Gaining new heights of popularity thanks to The Great British Bake Off featuring an 'illusion cake' showstopper round back in the 2017 series, noticable takes on the trend include 'anti-gravity' cakes and cakes disguised to look like different types of food. Take inspiration from our favourite illusion cakes that are sure to leave you in disbelief!








Zoe Burmester of Darcey Oliver Cake Couture

This is a fun breakfast take on the 'anti-gravity' cake trend you may have seen more commonly with chocolates pouring out of sweet bags. Everything, from the egg yolk to the creamy stream of milk, is so realistic!

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Julia Bend of Premier Bakes

The incredible attention to detail, such as the leather texture and stitching, makes this golf club and bag cake ever so life like!

Elaine Minett of Ginger Cat Cakery

Burgers, pizza, fries, and a KFC bucket full to the brim of fried chicken - it's hard to believe this is actually cake! Perfect for fast food lovers.

Natalie Porter of Immaculate Confections

Succulents are currently very on trend, and these cake jars, complete with edible soil and succulents, look just like potted plants.

Karen Keaney of Roses and Bows Cakery

Featuring a lifesize hat and a liquid pouring tea pot, this steampunk Alice in Wonderland cake requires many carefully constructed elements to pull off multiple illusions!

Annabelle Jane of Annabelle Jane Cake School

A popular design for anti-gravity cakes, this colourful cake hides a clever contructing trick of a long rod, concealed with skittles, that supports the sweet bag.

Laura Dodimead of Life in Sugar

This stunning cake, with its geometrical lines and bright lumionous colours, could be mistaken for a beautiful stained glass window.

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