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Little village in Derbyshire recreated in cake form

A little village named Youlgrave, in Derbyshire, has been recreated in cake form

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8th Dec 2016

A little village named Youlgrave, in Derbyshire, has been recreated in cake form

[caption id="attachment_10524" align="aligncenter" width="600"]_92868475_img_5559 Image: BBC/GARY BAGSHAWE[/caption]
Using Christmas cake, icing and marzipan a team of villagers donated ingredients and got right to the challenge – baking a total of 35 cakes! It seems like a big task for such a small village, so why did they set about acheiving this model creation? They needed to raise money towards restoring a church roof and apparently replicating the village in cake form can make a lot of money at an auction.
[caption id="attachment_10525" align="aligncenter" width="624"]_92868480_img_5558 The Peak Feast bakery with a lot of tasty treats! Image: BBC/GARY BAGSHAWE[/caption]
Lynn Nolan, a avid cake decorator cut, shaped and iced the incredibly detailed 16 buildings with skilled helpers.  And this was not quick task, baking began back in June, and the icing alone took 387 hours. [caption id="attachment_10528" align="aligncenter" width="600"]_92868800_img_5554 IMAGE: BBC/GARY BAGSHAWE [/caption]
Mrs Nolan, a retired florist, said: "I kept finding eggs in my little porch and little old ladies would come to the door with a packet of sugar and butter. "We also got a mystery man phone up and say whatever the shortfall was he would provide it, because he owned a bakery." If you want to see this incredible creation, the models are on display at All Saints Church in the village. They will be auctioned on 15 December, and the money raised will go towards restoring the church roof. [caption id="attachment_10527" align="aligncenter" width="300"]_92868798_img_5547 IMAGE: BBC/GARY BAGSHAWE [/caption]
Barbara Scrivener, from the church, said: "It is all very Christmassy and looks absolutely amazing with lights twinkling from the buildings and Christmas trees scattered around everywhere." This story first appeared on BBC News
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