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Meat cakes are the next big thing

Meat? Good! Cake? Good! But when you combine both, “meat cakes”, really? If you love a good steak, roast or a couple of sausages on the BBQ you'll love this

Image credit: Image: Twitter/@mryaraimdcs

8th Mar 2017

Meat? Good! Cake? Good! But when you combine both, “meat cake”, really?

Image: @mryaraimdcs
So why is anyone attracted to this latest fad, health and safety would never agree to this. It’s all because the Japanese have found a way to make that phrase into a reality, and it looks like we’ll soon be booking our flights to move to the other side of the world to get every slice that’s on offer. Seriously, take a look… In Japan, ‘yakiniku’ restaurants are known for specializing in grilled meat, wonderful grilled meat. They serve the uncooked food in the shape of cakes, for the many customers who celebrate their birthdays there. Meat cake, or “niku keeki” as its known in Japanese, then gets deconstructed and cooked at the table – no food poisoning here, don’t worry guys. Apparently meat cakes first became a thing a few years ago, but they are now everywhere. So ok, these aren’t your traditional sponge or chocolate cake however they are just very extravagant and decorative way to celebrate a meat lovers birthday. If you still aren’t sure then check out the artistry involved and perhaps rephrase the whole ‘meat cake’ thing, then get ready for a feast of delicious sumptuous grilled bacon, lamb and steak. This story first appeared on Nerdist

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