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Meet the new age of confectionery creators born out of lockdown

Mayku FormBox presents the nation’s best lockdown edibles – from chocolate bowling pins to cacao pod desserts. Innovative and artisanal confectioners...

13th Jul 2020

Mayku’s FormBox presents some of the nation’s best lockdown edibles – from chocolate bowling pins to cacao pod desserts

Co-Founder and CEO of Mayku, Alex Smilansky, discusses how creative people can make their passion their day jobs, without the extra costs from third party factories and production lines The lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak has had a huge impact on Britain’s workforce, resulting in a huge proportion of the working population finding themselves homebound. However, this time at home has proved to be a fruitful hiatus for many. With their creative juices flowing, truly innovative and artisanal confectioners have been born, creating treats ranging from chocolate bowling pins to carrot top carrot cake; these creators have taken the culinary and confectionery worlds to new heights, and images of these innovations can be seen below. London-based company Mayku are helping these designers, artists and creators across the country to work remotely in lockdown and continue to make incredible things, by providing portable, desktop factories and the materials needed to carry out product development remotely. Here are just a few examples of artisans who are flourishing during this time:  

1. Matt Adlard

Matt Adlard is a self-taught baker and pastry chef, who gained substantial attention from his blog, Topless Baker aiming to make baking more accessible and fun. After a few years of refining his craft, he now shares his skills through his online school, as well as acting as a judge on the Food Network.

2. Paul A Young

Paul A Young is an award-winning Chocolatier who champions craft and cutting edge creativity to create unique chocolate products. Working in a truly artisanal way, Young and his team make all of their creations by hand in small batches with fresh ingredients at every stage. With the Mayku FormBox, Young was able to take charge of the whole production process without having to use an external factory or designer, dramatically cutting costs and granting him far more creative licence, as he was able to make adaptations to designs on the fly. Paul designed a series of geometric, 3D printed forms that were then made into molds using the Mayku FormBox.

3. Camila Marcías

Camila is a Pastry Chef in Parkers Tavern in the recently opened University Arms Hotel in Cambridge. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Bellouet Conseil, then worked at Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie, before moving to England. Her creations are truly artisanal, bring the pastry chef world to the next level. Mayku’s FormBox has enabled Camila to reach new heights in her artisanal creations; her imagination could be made into a reality by using all sorts of items like plant pots and cacao pods, to make into molds. Being able to replicate the molds in seconds meant that she could react creatively with her ideas and push her designs to the next level.

4. Kevin Ketkaew

An international entry in this list, Kevin is a well-experienced pastry chef, who gained his knowledge from his time in France, Netherlands and Belgium in a starred restaurants, pastry shops and chocolate shops. Starting as a trainee to becoming an executive pastry chef, chocolatier and also an instructor, Kevin’s creations have appeared in magazines, TV shows, blogs and social media, he has also been ranked among the world’s top 50 most talented chefs. Seen above is his delicious Blackcurrant cube creation, elevating his craft even further.

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