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Mirrored mousse cakes are absolutely mesmerising...

'Tis the season to stuff your face (that's correct, right?) and we're just reflecting on this cake trend that has us hypnotised

21st Dec 2016

Let's just reflect on this cake trend that has had us hypnotised this year

Mirrored mousse cakes have broken the internet, they've taken over and you can see why. How does it work? The light mousse sponge is topped with a mesmerising shiny glaze that looks almost too good to eat.

Quetly going to announce today: "Advanced Theme 2" master-class has been released yesterday on the web site (cake on this picture) 💁🏻Third master-class as a continuation and introduction to absolutely incredible mousse cake recipes on a higher level. Presenting new ingredients, working on combined layers, european most premium biscuits, crisps & delicate mousses. Moreover, this master-class includes concealed solutions to safe two-tier mousse cake fixation. On the menu: 1. “Redcurrant Chocolate” mousse cake. 70% dark chocolate mousse, redcurrant coulis, vanilla cremeux, chocolate almond Dacquoise. 2. “Strawberry Lemonade” mousse cake. Mousse lemonade, strawberry coulis, white chocolate crunch with royaltine, premium Joconde biscuit. 3. Two-tier construction, fixation, transportation & tips. At (for those who never made mousse cakes before - "entry level" master-class is also available) #moussecake #mirrorcake #twotiercake

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Almost, but not too much, as these cakes are said to be as tasty as they are pretty.

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These are not for the amateur decorator, so you could order one or just enjoy looking at the hypnotic photos and videos taking over Instagram. This story was first posted on Elle
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