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Mum makes giant apple cake and snow white scene for her little girl

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2nd Feb 2017

Little Snow white and her apple cake, yet this time without the poison

For her 1st birthday, mum Paula Courange, arranged a perfectly magical Snow White-themed cake smash. Courange crocheted the Snow White dress and hair bow for her daughter, Amelia.

“The dress took me probably a month off and on,” she told ABC News of her princess creation. “If you put it in hours, it may have been 48 hours all together.”

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“Putting it together only took two hours, but the frosting was a pain in the butt,” said Courange, of Frederick, Maryland. “You have to get a totally red frosting and it was pink when I first started. And then I had to figure out what to use for a leaf. My mom suggested one those Tootsie Roll fruit chews which worked perfectly, and then I used a regular old Tootsie Roll as the stem.” It wasn’t long before little Amelia, who was feeling a bit under the weather, had had enough of her Snow White close-up. [caption id="attachment_11844" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Facebook: Casey Dugue Photography[/caption]
“It looks like she enjoyed herself, but she was getting sick at the time and wanted nothing to do with it,” Courange said while laughing. Courange said her baby girl is “definitely a little princess” in real life, and she’s already got big plans for Amelia’s next gown. This story first appeared on abc News
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