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Official Nutella Café Coming Soon

17th May 2017

If you are a fan of the sweet, chocolate, nutty spread that is Nutella then you may well be excited to find out that Nutella are opening a Café at the end of May.

Although Nutella isn't as colourful as unicorns and drippy cakes it is a versatile spread that we seem to love on just about anything. So it is no surprise that people are anxiously anticipating the opening of this new Nutella Café which has a range of treats from crepes, waffles and cakes bursting with this delicious spread. The café will also have less exciting items on their menu such as soups and paninis which do not contain Nutella (why not?!). [caption id="attachment_13689" align="alignnone" width="650"]Official Nutella Cafe Opening Soon Photo: Istock[/caption] One of our favourites is the family assorted fondue, which will include lots of yummy Nutella for you to dip fruit and biscuits in - yum! The café will open on 31 May inside Chicago’s Millennium Park Plaza and they are offering surprise treats for the first 400 people that come in to eat. Unfortunately there isn't sign of one in the UK yet, so we will just have to wait patiently. For now you can find plenty of yummy Nutella recipes on their website.   The original story can be found here.
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