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Our Top 10 Favourite marzipan recipes

National Marzipan Day is 12th January and even though most bakers use the lovely sweet treat over Christmas, but it's the perfect for everyday baking.

12th Jan 2017

National Marzipan Day calls for plenty of, well... Marzipan.

This day is set aside for the 12th January and even though most bakers use the lovely sweet treat over Christmas, it's the perfect addition to your everyday baking. Here are some great ways you can use this almond flavoured luxury, all year round.

Battenburg Cake 


This classic recipe is easy to follow and gives great results. We couldn’t resist opting for the Union Jack decoration!

Spring Flower Fruit Cake


Not only is this cake easy to make but the decoration is simple too. Fresh flowers add a wonderful touch of spring to this cake and even those can be eaten as well! This is a classic fruit cake that can be decorated to suit any occasion.

Cherry and Almond Norwegian Kringle


Norwegian Kringles, made with delicious sweet dough, filled with marzipan and cherries, topped off with sugary almond icing makes for a truly special bake!

Orange and Rose Exploding Cake

Dr.Oetker teamed up with Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberly Wilson to create a mouthwatering treat. Watch this step-by-step video to see how she makes it.

Cherry and Bakewell Sweethearts


It’s cherry bakewell as you’ve never seen it before! Delicious buttery shortcrust pastry, filled with marzipan and sweet cherry jam, in a romantic heart shape that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Frangipane Cupcakes

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 Sophie Turhnam from Sophie Victoria Cupcakes rustled up a batch of frangipane cupcakes.

Fondant Fancies

Classic Fondant Fancies

A series on French Fondant Fancies, a type of Petit Four

Surprise your friends (and perhaps even yourself!) with a batch of these homemade French fancies. There’s plenty of fun to be had choosing your own colours and flavours, so you can choose to go for the classic colours, or push the boat out and choose something a little different!

 Lemon Fondant Fancies


These delightfully retro lemony gems are bound to bring back some wonderful memories of afternoon tea with the family. The icing can be challenging, but well worth the effort!

Easter Iced Fancies


Light up your afternoon and bake a batch of these delicious iced fondant fancies by Dr. Oetker…we adore the dainty bright yellow icing and flower decorations!

Rose and Lemon Fondant Fancies


Have yourself a lovely little tea party this weekend, and whip up some of these truly special rose and lemon fondant fancies by Dr. Oetker.

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