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Pug loafs and unicorn bakes

6th Mar 2017

In the baking world, pretty pink cupcakes are no longer enough to make the big time   Lou Lou P, a bread and cake maker in Leeds is a star when she gets her whisk out, transforming loafs into animals and recreating iconic film scenes in sponge. She almost broke the internet with 'catloafs' - a loaf of bread shaped like a cat. I love the ‘catloaf’ expression" she said, referring to when a cat tucks its paws under its body, hence looking like a loaf of bread. "So one evening I just had to see if I could bake it for real. Thus catloaf was born, simple as that.” She also let us all in on her secrets by revealing a step-by-step guide to making a catloaf at home. What's more she's just pioneered the Unicorn Burger Buns, these feature a rainbow mane and tail and a gold horn.
She also makes feminist statements in cake. When Lou Lou P heard about a rape victim who suffered from mental health issues and whose case was unfairly investigated by police, she produced this powerful cupcake.
She's also unafraid to go very gruesome too. Lou Lou regularly creates iconic scenes from hit thriller and horror films with sweet ingredients. In addition, to raise awareness of breast cancer she's also created cookies with the different ways you can check yourselves girls and guys! This story first appeared on Stylist
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