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Quick and easy chocolate cake decorating hack

27th Feb 2017

This weekend, Ina Garten shared a mesmerising video of a chocolate cake that not only looks incredibly tasty, but that also has a brilliant decorating hack To achieve the look of a chevron pattern on top of the chocolate ganache cake, Ina pipes vanilla icing on top in straight lines, and then runs the edge of a sharp knife through the icing in alternate directions. The finished look is a perfect V-shaped chevron graphic that looks a lot harder to make than it really is. Ina, staying true to her "how easy is that?" mantra, reassures her fans in the caption by saying, "Looks professional but with a little practice it's really easy!" If you're inspired to re-create this beautiful cake at home, begin with Ina's chocolate ganache cake recipe, and then make the finishing touches with your favourite white icing.
This story first appeared on POP SUGAR
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