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Red Dwarf Cake Collaboration

Celebrating 30 years of Red Dwarf, take a look at this spectacular cake collaboration!

Image credit: Vicki-du-Plessis, Arnold Rimmer, Mr Fibble
Image credit: Tasnuta Alam, JMC vending machine
Image credit: Shell Robinson, Kryten
Image credit: Shannon Patrick Mayes, Dave Lister
Image credit: Sarah Lou Smith, Confidence and Paranoia
Image credit: Sarah Hadley, Rainsford Kryten
Image credit: Paul Williams, Starbug
Image credit: Maggie Chan, Butler and Kryten
Image credit: Louise Pope, Dwayne Dibley
Image credit: Lynda Jane Sharp Justice Boots
Image credit: Red Dwarf Cake Collaboration
Image credit: Fee Kakes - Monster from the Tank
Image credit: Gavin Puttick and Sarah Leftley - Red Dwarf
Image credit: Hannah Rebecca Evans - Kryten
Image credit: Heather Upham, Frankenstein
Image credit: Helenmarie Looker Skutter
Image credit: Jaqueline Whelan, Holly
Image credit: Julie Johnson, Arnold Rimmer
Image credit: Leanne Kerr, Ace Rimmer
Image credit: Kate Jordin, Dave Lister

21st Mar 2018

On 15 February 1988 Dave Lister, the last human being in the universe, woke up after 3 million years in stasis...he was not alone.

Along with Arnold Rimmer (a hologram of his former bunk mate), Cat (a humanoid creature descended from Frankenstein, the cat Lister smuggled on board Red Dwarf), Holly (the ship’s computer), and eventually joined by Kryten (a mechanoid), Lister has spent the last 30 years getting in and out of trouble and dreaming of returning to Earth. We thought that 30 years deserved a celebration...and every good celebration has cake. 



 Introducing ‘Cakes from The Dwarf’...a collection of cakes and sugar art created by some smegtastic cakers to celebrate 30 years of RED DWARF. Find the full collaboration and read more about our contributing artists at



I have been a big fan of Red Dwarf since the very first episode aired on 15th February 1988. I was a teenager at the time and the show cemented itself in my cultural memory, as it did with many others of my generation, with words and phrases from the show becoming part of our collective vocabulary.



There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that when the 30th Birthday of the first episode came around I wanted to do something special, little did I realise that when I suggested a collaboration that I would find people just as enthusiastic as I was to break out their cake tools and create something fantastic to celebrate this milestone.



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It wasn’t easy finding the right person to contact to get permission to use the Red Dwarf logo, a few false leads later though I finally managed to contact Grant Naylor Productions who were happy to give the project their blessing. We would like to thank Grant Naylor Productions for their kind permission to use the Red Dwarf logo, and for their help and enthusiasm for our project. We have all had lots of fun creating our tributes to our favourite sitcom. We hope you enjoy seeing our work as much as we enjoyed making it.

Vicki du Plessis

Tiki’s Bakehouse

The Cake Collective



This is the first collaboration launching through The Cake Collective, a group of like minded cake, cookie, and sugar artists of ALL skill levels who love to get together to create collaborative works of edible art.  The cake world can be a scary and intimidating place when you are just starting out. Some collaborations are like watching catwalk fashion shows when all you can do is knit squares, you fear that even with all the practice in the world you’ll never get there.



The Cake Collective has been created as a community for cake and sugar artists of all skill levels to work together and have fun. Collaborations are the best way to get to know our fellow cakers and to motivate ourselves to stretch our skills, learn new ones, and experiment with new techniques.

Even cakers who are masters of one area of cake art might be novices when faced with something they haven’t tried before. Some of the most talented cake artists still get ‘the fear’ when they unveil a new piece, so I have a huge amount of respect for those just starting out who don’t let that fear get in the way of joining in and sharing what they have made with the world.  


Leeanne's own Red Dwarf Contribution, 'The Cat'


If you are a cake, cookie or sugar artist looking to venture into collaborations, whether for the first time or just looking for more projects to have fun with, you are all welcome to join us. You can find ‘The Cake Collective’ in facebook groups.

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