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Run your baking business with Baking It Software

We all know how tough it is to run a baking business.That is why Baking It created their software platform offering everything you need to run your business

17th Oct 2017

We all know how tough it is to run a baking business. There are countless tasks and there are only so many hours in a day. That is why Baking It created their all-in-one software platform offering everything you need to manage and run your business, so you can spend more time doing the thing you love most.
Read on to see how the software can save you loads of time. Getting started with Baking It Set your Business and Bakery settings. Add your business logo, choose units, cake portion sizes and tins that you like working with. Sample servings and batter quantities are available for all supported tins that you can customise if needed. Set up your charges for labour tasks like preparation, stacking & covering, decorating & baking. Decide what you want to charge for consultations, delivery and venue setup. Set up taxes, profit and deposit percentages. Customise our sample terms and email templates to suit your business needs. Manage kitchen stock and expenses Build your list of kitchen items from our comprehensive master lists or add your own items. Add stock and expenses for these to calculate real-time average costs. Track wastage, shopping lists and inventory Track expired or lost kitchen items to wastage (e.g. expired butter). We automatically manage your inventory by reducing item quantity when the order is completed. If the item goes below reorder level it's automagically added to the shopping list. Cost, convert and manage recipes Never lose a recipe again by keeping them organised by categories in our recipe manager. Accurately cost recipes by adding real-time ingredient costs, preparation and baking time. Quickly convert or scale recipes with our built-in recipe converters and calculators. Work in your local currency and units! Accurately cost bakery products Quickly quote with the confidence of knowing exact cost price by adding recipes or readymade ingredients, edible, non-edible supplies and decorations used in your bakery products. Also add labour costs for various tasks like concept & sketching, covering & stacking, decorating. Keep a virtual portfolio of your base bakery products pre-costed. Sketch and design 3D cakes It is crucial for your business that your client sees what they have ordered to avoid any surprises when they get their cake. A hand-drawn cake idea is time-consuming, repetitive and can easily lead to lost in translation errors. With 3D Cake Designer it is easy and quick to translate your client's ideas into a beautiful cake design. You can also involve them in the designing process so there is complete clarity on what is ordered. Switch to consultation mode todisplay your virtual cake portfolio during cake consultations. Find tier shapes and sizes for your desired servings. Stack various styles of cakes and instantly view them in 3D. Use drag and drop menus to add 3D flowers & leaves, bows & ruffles, borders & ribbons, images & text, textures & patterns, lace, mould & stencil designs to your 3D cake. Protect your unique cake designs by adding watermark and disclaimer text to ensure they are not copied. Send professional quotes Send professional and detailed quotes with your business logo and details and exude a professional look. Add customer and occasion details, products and charges like delivery, set-up & equipment hire costs, profit, tax, discount with deposit and final payment amounts. Every PDF quote has a 3D cake design & business terms attached which is available for download and/or to be emailed to the client. Send each quote with your personalised cover email or use our pre-defined email templates. Track business income and expenses Keep track of any non-baking income earned by your business. It can be from teaching, selling tutorials & supplies, etc. Manage all business expenses for e.g., magazine subscriptions, courses, adverts, etc. Contacts and task manager Take action! Get organised and prioritise your tasks. Link tasks to a contacts or order. Never lose a contact again. Use our contacts manager to organise all your customer, supplier, florist and venue details. View each contact’s profile, order history and important dates all at one place. Calendar and insights Insights generate an in-depth report of your business’s finances. Track money in and money out for each month. Find out if you are paying yourself enough per hour worked. These reports will guide you in fine tuning your business for more profit and identifying bottlenecks. Manage your business using Calendar dashboard. Get a weekly or monthly schedule of upcoming orders & tasks. So if you are ready to take your baking business to the next level, give the software a try for free for 14-days. Apply code BIHEAVEN20 to get 20% off the first year of membership. JOIN NOW AT WWW.BAKINGIT.COM
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