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Say goodbye to your favourite French Fancies

11th Jan 2017

Brexit has already put us through enough food horror but it's about to take it one step too far

It was blamed for the shocking and upsetting change of Toblerone from a satisfying treat to a chocolate toaster rack. It made us fear for the safety of our Nando’s and it stopped Tesco from selling Ben & Jerry’s and that lovely yeast based product, Marmite (ok, so we're not so fussed about the Marmite). Anyway, others say Brexit is also to blame for our reducing the size of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Quality Street no longer including the Toffee Deluxe, and any other terrible thing that happens to our chocolate, too. And its devastating effects haven't stopped just yet. Now, Brexit is coming after out favourite Mr.Kipling French Fancies – whatever next? Basically, Mr Kipling – makers of French Fancies, Battenbergs, and cake slices – will likely be increasing the price on their products, thanks to the Brexit vote. Premier Foods, which supplies British brands such as Mr Kipling cakes and Bisto gravy, has stated it’s talking to shops over a potential price hike in an attempt to offset higher costs and the weaker pound, including Tesco and Sainsbury’s. They’ve explained that they expect the price increase to be ‘around the mid single digit mark’, so we it wont be so bad, breathe. But come on, when it comes to French Fancies, surely we have permission to go ahead and be a tad dramatic so don't worry if you need to have a bit of a meltdown over this news. If you’d like to let out some more of your outrage, there’s also plans that Mr Kipling is going to reduce the size of some of their products, too. The Mirror reports that from February, boxes of individually packaged cakes will decrease in size, from nine portions to eight. Mr Kipling confirmed that they’ll also be getting rid of its four cake boxes, killing off chocolate, angel, lemon, and caramel slices. Hopefully they won't do this to the French Fancies, surely? Anyway off to buy a lot of these tasty little bites of heaven – please don't take them away Mr. Kipling. This story first appeared on The Metro
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