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Shaking up the home-baking aisle with sumptuous chocolate truffle kits

10th Dec 2019

Calling all chocoholics... Chocolate at Home are shaking up the home-baking aisle with their sumptuous chocolate truffle kits

Specialist chocolate brand, Chocolate at Home, have launched a range of kits to make your own chocolate truffles. Available exclusively at Sainsbury’s priced £2.50, the milk chocolate and salted caramel truffle kits contain chef-quality ingredients, making them an affordable luxury. Avid home-bakers and creative cooks can make deliciously addictive chocolate truffles in a few easy steps. Perfect for sharing, impressing at special occasions or just for those pure moments of self-indulgence! What makes them even more special is that you can create different truffles every time you make them by infusing them with fruit or adding spices and alcohols. Just add double cream – each kit makes 10-12 truffles (depending on how big or small you make them!). You’ll find the kits in the home baking aisle at selected Sainsbury’s stores.
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