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Spectacular savoury Thanksgiving cake with turkey and mashed potato

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16th Nov 2016

The internet went wild last year when Bree Miller of Bree's Cakes, a Los Angeles-based bakery, created a fried chicken and mashed potatoes-based cake but this year she's had a new mission
Delish went to her with a mission to create an even crazier cake based entirely on Thanksgiving classics. Miller came back with a general idea for the design with a few hours. It featured layers of cornbread, stuffing and sweet potato casserole, frosted and piped with mashed potatoes. But she had a dilemma when it came to the topper: "It had to be some kind of protein, but I wasn't sure if I should go with slices of turkey, a turkey wing, or even a roasted cornish hen that'd look like a little turkey on top of the cake," Miller says.

Her decision was final, she went with the last option, the turkey. People LOVED it. In the space of five minutes of positing the image on Instagram The Game's assistant called her (a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene) —he wanted three cakes to serve at Thanksgiving dinner this year.

"He's been such a loyal client, and a good friend," Miller says. The rapper first discovered her when she had only 300 followers on Instagram—his assistant asked if she could make his birthday cake a few years ago, leaving out the turkey. Bree's Cakes was just a side business back then, but after baking his cake—and getting a shoutout on his Instagram—she woke up the next morning to more than 6,000 followers and decided to take her business full-time.

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