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Take a look at 3 of the best...Scales

A good pair of scales are crucial to the baking process! We've picked 3 so there's no need to weigh up any other options.

12th Sep 2016

A good pair of scales are crucial to the baking process! 

Rather than skimp on the quality check out these top 3 scales we have selected. This selection includes digital scales and mechanical scales of different shapes and sizes because you need to think about whether these scales are going to sit on your surface or if you need a compact set if you're tight for space. We've got it covered in three options - sleek, practical and chic. Take a look at 3 of the best...Scales

The Sleek Scale

Lakeland Precision Flat Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale £29.99,

Baking is a science, so obviously accuracy is essential. When you need to weigh out ingredients to the last gram, digital scales are the best option. This medium-priced digital scale from Lakeland weighs in 1 or 2g increments up to 10kg, and has a really clear LED display, so you can see the measurements perfectly. Easy to clean, it’s also really neat, so packs away easily in the smallest of kitchens!

Take a look at 3 of the best...Scales

The Practical Scale

Joseph Joseph TriScale


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Fans of quirky gadgets will love this offering from Joseph Joseph. The folding scale has three arms, which when opened out provides a stable surface for placing your bowl on top. The digital element ensures accuracy, while the ‘add and weigh’ function allows you to add all your ingredients to the same bowl, saving on washing up. Once you’ve finished using it, simply fold the arms back up and it’s ready to store in a tiny space again!

The Chic Scale

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Scales


If you’re looking for a set of scales that not only does the job well, but looks good on display in the kitchen, these are perfect. Not as accurate as digital versions for weighing out small quantities, they’re ideal for measuring flour, sugar etc up to 2kg. The dial is clear to read, and one thing we really love about these scales is the shaped stainless steel bowl – the tapered end makes pouring out ingredients without spilling them much easier.

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