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Tea for tinnitus

8th Jun 2017

Put the kettle on this month and raise some money for charity. 
Tea for Tinnitus is a fundraising campaign being run by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). The charity is encouraging people across the country to put the kettle on and hold a tea party during June, to raise £15,000 to support their work, including the freephone helpline & email support, information leaflets and free to attend information days. Parties can be anytime throughout June. They can range from a small gathering of friends and family, to a larger event at work or in your local community. It’s a great chance to bake some of your favourite recipes and offer these in return for a donation. Approximately 1 in 10 people in the UK experience tinnitus, often described as noises in the head or ears. For some it has a severe impact on quality of life. It effects people of all ages and has many causes. There is currently no known cure. If you’d like to hold a tea party, take a look at and sign up for the fundraising pack. You can also find some delicious recipes to get you started on their website. If you have any questions contact Emily Broomhead on 0114 2509933 or [email protected]
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