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Ten vegan cakes that are definitely not healthy

Celebrate World Vegan Day the best way we know how - with vegan cakes! The following 10 recipes will definitely persuade you to join us on the vegan side...

1st Nov 2019

Celebrate World Vegan Day the best way we know how - with vegan cakes!

You might not automatically think YUM when it comes to vegan cakes, but we can confirm that they can be! The following 10 recipes will definitely persuade you to join us on the vegan side. Being vegan doesn't necessarily mean being healthy as these attest...

Pecan Caramel Nut Cake

Caramel, pecans and lashings of cream ‘cheese’ frosting – this wonderfully autumnal cake has got it all! RECIPE

Mint Chocolate Oreo Cake

vegan cakes

Mint and Chocolate are such an incredible combination of flavours, and they come together so well in this delectable layer cake. Sweet, dark layers of chocolate sponge are sandwiched together with a refreshing peppermint frosting dotted with Oreo crumbs. RECIPE

Chocolate Caramel Brownie Cake

A rich chocolate fudge brownie cake, swirled with caramel, coated with a rich chocolate ganache and extra caramel sauce to finish. RECIPE


White Chocoholic Mud Cake

vegan cakesWant to show the bakers on the Great British Bake Off how a vegan celebration cake should be done? It doesn’t get much better than this spectacular vegan white chocoholic mud cake with buttercream and raspberries by Sara Kidd!  RECIPE

Classic vegan vanilla cake with cookies ‘n’ cream frosting

vegan cakes

This spectacular show-stopper is comprised of three layers of fluffy vegan vanilla sponge, sandwiched between layers of creamy cookies ‘n’ cream frosting. The perfect cake to bake for birthdays and special occasions. RECIPE

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Four-layer vegan Oreo chocolate cake

For special occasions, you need an over-the-top extravagant cake to take centre stage at the celebrations, and this four-layered vegan Oreo chocolate cake is a real showstopper! RECIPE

Pumpkin Cake

This triple-layered vegan and gluten-free pumpkin cake is a real treat with its smooth and creamy coconut and pumpkin frosting. RECIPE

1-Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

I think this is a great “everyday” cake with its simple preparation and universally loved flavour profile. However, I could also see it making an excellent cake for birthdays, anniversaries and any upcoming spring celebrations (like Easter!). In other words, make this cake and instantly make a million friends. RECIPE

Christmas Cake

A perfectly moist, rich and dense vegan Christmas cake, topped with a light and fluffy vegan meringue, and crystallised cranberries. RECIPE

Hummingbird Cake

This extravagant looking layered hummingbird cake is a spongy, moist delight, topped off with coconut and lemon frosting. Sounds good to us! RECIPE

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