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The 10 best... football cakes

From cake pops and cupcakes to life-size domed football bakes, there's heaps of sport-inspired baking fun to be had. The best football cakes and recipes...

11th Jul 2018

We've hit fever pitch this week - and it's about time that we celebrated in the best way possible -  with football cakes!

From cake pops and cupcakes to life-size domed football bakes, there's heaps of sport-inspired baking fun to be had - and they're as perfect for birthday cakes as they are World Cup final celebrations! Here, we've tracked down the best football cakes and recipes we could find. Hopefully they'll strike a goal - sorry, gold - with you!


1. Football and grass cupcakes

A classic, but super-effective too. These cupcakes are easy to make and super delicious - and are a definite crowd-pleaser too!

Best football cakes football cupcakes on black slate










Image credit: Baking Mad

2. Barcelona-inspired cupcakes

Whether you're a fan of the Catalonian team or not, there's no denying that these cupcakes look amazing! Mix up the colours and celebrate your own team!

3. World Cup cupcakes

Can't decide between piped grass and footballs, or your favourite team, or your insatiable need for chocolate? Do all of them! This selection just shows how great different cupcakes can look when situated together - the perfect football party spread.

Football cakes World Cup cupcakes selection spread










Image credit: Gastronomy by Joy

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Cake pops

4. Soccer ball cake pops

The perfect mid-game snack, these cake pops are pre-portioned for ease, and look absolutely brilliant for any football-themed bash!

Best football cakes - many cake pops on pitch holder











Big cakes

5. Football hemisphere cake

Sometimes, simplicity is best, and that's exactly what this amazing bake offers. Straightforward to create, this bake will make the perfect treat whatever the football-themed occasion.

Best football cakes iconic football cake Lakeland











Image credit: Lakeland

6. Football drip cake

Who said football cakes couldn't be a bit jazzy as well? We love the combination of colours used in this bake - and would be as fun as a centre piece for a World Cup party as it would be for a birthday cake - for any age! Best football cakes - Jazzy drip cake green and purple















7. The elegant football cake

Football cakes and elegance aren't typically words that you'd see appear in the same sentence - but that's exactly what this cake offers. Delicate piping of green buttercream and flawless macarons atop of an immaculately finished drip cake would make this the perfect asset to any stadium's VIP box.

Best football bakes elegant football cake drip buttercream cake




















8. Table football-inspired biscuits

The Biscuiteers do it again - we can't imagine a better addition to the football-inspired spread than this selection of table football biscuits! Available to order, they make a terrific (and delicious) pressie for the football fanatics in your life. Best football cakes table football biscuits with giftbox













Image credit: Biscuiteers

9. Football and team shirt biscuits

We can't help but see these as the perfect football party favour! You could even take inspiration from your favourite team for the shirts, or you could personalise to each guest for a super-special treat.

Best football cakes team shirts and football biscuits in pile















10. Football pitch biscuits

There's arguably only so much you can do in terms of combining the theme of football with biscuits - but these rectangle pitch sugar cookies are great variation on the ball and shirt theme we've already seen. Ideal for adding a bit of colour to an otherwise very monochrome biscuit plate!

Best football bakes football biscuits pitch and balls


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