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The BBC is launching a Great British Bake Off style show with a paw-fect twist

Perhaps you thought The Great British Bake Off couldn't be any more perfect! But wouldn't adding a dog or two into the mix make it paw-fect?

8th Nov 2016

Perhaps you thought The Great British Bake Off couldn't be any more perfect, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins’ humour is sublime, the contestants are a hot pot of cute, baking dreaminess, and not to mention the delicious puds, pastries, and baked treats! So what could possibly be better than this? GBBO was missing one crucial element; dogs. Oh yes, it's true– are you ready for a Great British Bake Off-inspired dog show? Ever since Channel 4 took the show from our beloved Beeb, their TV brains have been whirring away conjuring up new ideas for shows so that they can be ready to take on the ratings battle. And, from Mary Berry’s Secrets from Britain’s Great Houses, to The Big Family Cooking Challenge, they’ve been working hard to fill this hole in our GBBO shaped hearts. This freshest news sounds like an absolute winner – forget amateur bakers hoping that their sponges will rise to the challenge – this time it's about amateur dog trainers hoping their pups will do as they’re told. Springwatch’s Chris Packham, who is set to present You and Your Dog, explained to Yahoo: “It’s a competition show that will have a similar competitive, family style to Bake Off, yet it'll feature dogs not doughnuts. “We have people come in and bring their pet dogs. And they’re all competing. We set them challenges to achieve, so they had to train their dogs to do certain things as well as train themselves.
A date has not yet been confirmed and it seems as if You and Your Dog will be hitting TV very soon– the Beeb have already finished filming it. “It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least,” said Packham, speaking about everything he’d seen during the filming process. “I really enjoyed it.” Sounds paw-fect to us. This story first appeared on Stylist
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