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The Cake Lace Cake Steamer: to steam or not to steam?

If you've never used a cake steamer, you're in for a treat! Our friends at The Cake Decorating Company have got this must-have Cake Lace Cake Steamer!

Cake Lace Cake Steamer Image credit: The Cake Decorating Company

6th Sep 2018

For those who don’t know, steamers are used to remove cornflour and fingerprints from your sugarpaste covered cakes and cupcakes to give them a perfect, glossy finish. Smoothing out these minor imperfections will give your cakes a more polished and professional look – a must for any aspiring professional!

Top tip! Steaming is ideal for dark colour cakes where these marks can be seen more prominently.

The Cake Lace Cake Steamer can also be used to perfect and finish sugarpaste models and sugarcraft flowers to a beautiful subtle sheen. As well as making your cakes look even more beautiful, steaming your finished cakes has other benefits; a steamed cake will be more resistant to humidity. This will prevent the sugarpaste from having condensation and bubbling. No one wants a bubbling cake!

The Cake Lace Cake Steamer has a 150ml water capacity which is enough for 8-10 minutes of continuous steam, which is plenty of time.


cake lace steamer







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Top tip! Hold the steamer at least 12 inches away from your cake and move it continuously to lightly steam around the cake.


Watch it in action: 

So have you decided if steaming your cakes is the next step for you? If, like us, you are super excited about this new cake tool and can’t wait to get steaming, check out the Cake Lace Cake Steamer from The Cake Decorating Company here! 

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