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The Fifty Chocolate Recipes to Bake Next If You're a Chocoholic

All the chocolate recipes you ever need to satisfy your sweet tooth... Find everything from cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and everything in between...

6th Jul 2020

All the chocolate recipes you'll ever need to satisfy your sweet tooth...

Celebrate World Chocolate Day (7th July) in the best way possible... with some scrumptious baking! Dark, milk, white... chocolate comes in many delicious forms. Find everything from cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and everything in between in this ultimate chocolate recipes round-up!

Triple Chocolate Cookies

chocolate recipes  

Easy Double Chocolate Muffins

chocolate recipes  

Chocolate Chip Cookie CheesecakeChocolate chip cookie cheesecake

GBBO Chocolate Drip Cake

[caption id="attachment_23359" align="aligncenter" width="600"]chocolate drip cake Faith Mason[/caption]  

Nutty chocolate chunk cookies

Nutty chocolate chunk cookies

Day and Night Traybake

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate Fudge Tartlets

Chocolate fudge tarts

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

raspberry chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake


Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake

Pain au Chocolat

pain au chocolat

Nutella Macarons

No-Bake Chocolate Orange Tart

no-bake chocolate orange tart

Chocolate Guinness Cake

chocolate guinness cake

Fudgy Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter frosting

chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting

Malteser 'No Bake' Rocky Road

malteser rocky road

Oh So Rich Chocolate Cake

rich chocolate cake

Belgian Chocolate Truffle Torte Layer Cake with Chocolate Orange Buttercream

Chocolate Drip Cake

Chocolate Tiffin Cake

No Bake Chocolate Cake

Squidgy Chocolate Cake

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Fondant Puddings

chocolate recipes

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slices

chocolate peanut butter

Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

Nutella Souffles

Nutella Soufflés

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Dark chocolate cupcakes

Malt Chocolate Cake

Malt chocolate cake

No-Bake Chocolate Malteser Cheesecake

Malteser Cheesecake

Chocolate Rum Cake

chocolate rum cake

Chocolate Meringues

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

chocolate hazelnut cupcakes

White Chocolate Espresso Chocolates

Chocolate Apple Traybake

Chocolate Pretzel Biscuits

One-bowl devils food layer cake

Chocolate Raspberry Gateau

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

cookie cupcakes

Terry's Chocolate Orange Millionaire's Shortbread

Chocolate Simnel Cake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

chocolate peanut butter banana bread

Cascading Chocolate Truffle Cake

cascading chocolate truffle cake

Raw Chocolate Avocado Cheesecake


Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownies

Chocolate and salted caramel brownies

Melt in the Middle Pudding

melt in the middle pudding

Chocolate Roulade

Chocolate Roulade

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Triple Chocolate Traybake

chocolate traybake

Chocolate banana bread

Chocolate banana bread

Belgian chocolate torte

70% dark belgian chocolate torte

Even more chocolate recipes!

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