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The GBBO 2019 round-up: Dairy Week

Don't cry over spilt milk... The emotions ran high in episode 4 of The Great British Bake Off A Bake Off first! Dairy week was introduced last night and...

Image credit: © Love Productions, Ep4. David and Steph.

18th Sep 2019

Don't cry over spilt milk... The emotions ran high in The Great British Bake Off's dairy week

A Bake Off first! Dairy week was introduced last night and while some online questioned the theme... The bakers themselves seemed unsure at first too! Let's dive into this week's episode... *WARNING – CONTAINS SPOILERS*

The Signature

To begin dairy week, the bakers were asked to bake a cake using 'cultured milk', such as yoghurt and buttermilk. Paul warned that adding cultures has potential to overbake, leaving it "like cardboard inside". Each baker discussed their plans, many opting for yoghurt, a few buttermilk, and Michael decided to give sour cream a try! Helena continued her goth theme by opting to make an adorable ghost cake. Noel and Helena joked that they should combine their goth love and just get married. But it didn't take long for the cracks to begin to show in the tent. In Michelle's case that was literal as her cake stand broke! Then things got even worse, as Michael's cake cracked and half ended up sticking to the tin. He was close to tears but luckily Sandi was on hand to give him a hug, as the nation's hearts were in their mouths. He struggled to keep it together, but the bakers rallied round to give him support. When it came to the judging, most of the bakes went down well, with Rosie's vodka and limoncello cake, Henry's german cake and David's limoncello cake going down well. "For a man woman, you're doing well", was Prue's reaction to Helena's ghost cake. Which Paul replied with "Pot, kettle!" Phil's cake was described as "messy", and Michelle's was called "claggy". Michael had done his best to salvage his cake and earned a "delicious" from Prue. Paul was a little more direct, saying "taste's great. Look's a mess." [caption id="attachment_22909" align="aligncenter" width="600"]dairy week © Love Productions, Ep4. Michael and Priya.[/caption]

The Technical

On to the technical and this week's challenge was 'Tudor' themed, as the bakers were asked to make Maids of Honour -  a puff pastry bake with layers of lemon curd and cheese curd inside, and topped with a Tudor rose stencil design. Prue noted that "all elements are equally important", and the tent soon descended into chaos. Many found the cheese curdingly a "disgusting" experience, and Helena forgot to put water in. Michelle said she didn't know what a Tudor rose looks like as "I'm welsh". Priya especially had a tough time, and when the time was up her Maids of Honour literally crumbled to pieces. When it came to judging, Prue and Paul burst into laughter as they were all not up to scratch, "They're awful! They're really bad." Was this perhaps the worst Technical Challenge ever?! First place went to Steph, but that wasn't saying much according to Prue. "I wish I could say it's the best Maid of Honour I've ever had... It's the best of this lot." [caption id="attachment_22910" align="aligncenter" width="600"] © Love Productions. Ep4. Sandi and Steph.[/caption]

The Showstopper

Moving swiftly on to the last challenge of the night, which was the make three milk-based Indian sweets, known as 'mishti'. The bakers fired up their imaginations and there were many spices and flavourings in each of their bakes. The size of their sweets were important too...   As the bakers struggled, the judges offered a "lifeline" stating the third sweet could using condensed milk, rather than evaporated, as the bakers struggled to keep to time. Henry's theme was the seaside and he bravely decided to make ice-cream, which ultimately did not set in time and came pouring out the mould. But he stayed positive, as his balls came out well! The judges liked Steph's pink sweets, despite being described as "Pink Panther's hot dog!" David, Alice and Michael all did well, with Prue saying that Rosie "should be proud of herself". Paul was very impressed with Helena's sweet shop, complete with biscuit spoons, saying it was "the best one for me". Prue also offered high praise, "it's so difficult not to just eat it!" Paul liked Priya's fried sweets and Prue was impressed; "It's difficult to get saffron right and that was exactly right!" However, Michelle's rice pudding sweet failed to impress, and Phil's garden-inspired sweets didn't inspire praise either. When it came to the judging Henry's mishti, the judges commented that it looks melted. Prue began saying "you'd eat it if.." which Henry finished with "if you were a prisoner maybe!" Which earned many laughs throughout the tent. Overall, the judges credited Steph and David as doing well this week, but Henry and Michael were in danger of leaving. "Lots not dwell on Henry's balls," said Sandi! The star baker for Dairy Week was Steph, and we had to say goodbye to another baker. This week it was time for Phil to leave, but many were unhappy with the results. Next week is the 'Roaring '20s' which is another new one, we think! See you then.

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