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The GBBO 2019 round-up: The Bake Off Final

It's been 10 weeks and 30 bakes... we've finally made it to the Bake Off final! It's the 2019 Bake Off final, and only three bakers are still standing...

30th Oct 2019

It's been 10 weeks and 30 bakes... we've finally made it to the Bake Off final!

It's the Bake Off final, and only three bakers are still standing - Steph, David and Alice! Here's everything that went down on the final episode of 2019... *WARNING – CONTAINS SPOILERS* Bake Off Final

The Signature

And in a blink of an eye, we're at the final already! The episode opens with a little highlight retrospective of the series. They grow up so fast! The first challenge for the final is chocolate cake! But the judges don't want just any old chocolate cake, they want the ultimate chocolate cake, the "Mona Lisa" of chocolate cakes. *gulp* Steph explains how she wants her chocolate cake to taste like chocolate and not "brown sponge". Cue David explaining he's using prunes. Hmmm. But at least Alice is using lots of cocoa powder. Oh and pears, ginger, maple cream cheese buttercream and hazelnut brittle. OK. At least David is going for prune with Armagnac, 70% cocoa solids and cocoa powder. Steph's sounds the most chocolate-y as she opts for a traditional black forest chocolate cake with kirsch chantilly cream. We then get the first little 'home videos' that Bake Off airs each final, showing the bakers at home with their families. For Steph, we meet her mum Jane and find out that she recently turned to baking as a form of self-care. David's clip is quite revealing as we meet his mum and dad, Richard and Judy, as well as his partner Nik, and learn about his work as a nurse. For Alice, it's all about her parents Jane and Henry who have championed her baking since she was a child. They talk about not wishing her "good luck", but "good management". Okay... Back to the baking, Alice's cake has broken apart in the middle. She pats in back together pops it back in the oven. As the challenge ends, we go to the break with a shot of Alice's cake looking slightly wonky... The judging then begins. David is up first, and he has created a shine so magnificent he can use it as a mirror. The Armagnac is pungent and can be smelt a mile off. Even Prue says there's "more than enough" booze in the cake. "All you're getting is the alcohol," says Paul. Alice's cake is "wobbly and clumsy" and - crucially - lacking chocolate. Paul thinks that it's good, but there are too many flavours going on, "is it a great chocolate cake?". Steph's cake is described as "very 70's" by Prue, which we think is a compliment. It's a good old-fashioned chocolate cake with distinctive layers. It's pretty crumbly but "very good". Bake Off Final

The Technical

For the last Technical, the bakers are asked to make "proud tall" stilton soufflés, with lavash crackers. The danger is all in the eggs - if not whisked enough then not enough eir, over whisk and it all falls to pieces. As David puts it: "all the umph comes from egg whites". It's a delicate balance and Steph worries she's over whipped. As she takes the soufflés out the tins, they pour out. Oh no! She is very upset, which tbh fair. Alice says what we're all thinking, it's "really mean the timing", as they've been given only 1 hour and 10 minutes. The judges line up and they begin with Alice. Her biscuits are "pale and floppy", and they can tell the soufflé is underbaked in the middle. "Gluey", as Prue puts it. Steph fairs even worse, as they remark the soufflés look more like pancakes, "like eating sauce". Not only that but the biscuits are too thin. David's biscuits. however, are lovely and thin. And his soufflés have a "nice colour and are baked through". Bake Off Final

The Showstopper

And finally, we have the last ever challenge for 2019. It's high pressure, it's a showstopper, it all rests on this final bake. And Alice is in tears. Her parents might not make it, as their flight has been cancelled. What's that they said about good management? They need to make a "feast" of a picnic basket and it's contents. It needs ton include cake, bread and biscuit and be an illusion, i.e. not what it looks like. It's "all about the deception", and it has to "taste and look fantastic" as it's "all summed up in one showstopper"! David is making a cheese board out of biscuit, with the cheese made of lemon cake, peaches of spiced bread and sausage rolls made of fig rolls. Alice is making an 'end of school year pic-nic', with raspberry macaroons as strawberries, orange and cardamom buns and a pork pie made of carrot cake. Steph has gone for spiced orange bread bun and almond macarons, with a cheeseburger made of lemon and poppy seed cake. Steph's cake gets partly stuck in the tin, her macarons aren't going to plan and she then whisks her hand. She gets understandably upset, and Noel does his best to lift her spirits. Alice is still emotional about her parents, but halfway through hears that they have made it on to the plane. The finalist's friends and family begin to gather in the field by the tent, which has been turned into a fairground, complete with helter-skelter. The past bakers also return and it's lovely to see everyone together. The final judging begins with Alice's creation, which they find exceptional. They particularly like the scotch eggs and it's only the ice cream buns that aren't totally convincing. But the orange and cardamom flavour Paul absolutely loves. David's "looks amazing, stunning", Paul really likes the peaches. Prue thinks the flavour is interesting but too chewy. Overall, there are many "delicious" and "exceptional" words thrown about, ending with a "bravo" from Prue. Step's basket had a few issues, but the judges loved her cheeseburger. Her buns needed longer to prove and the strawberries were flat and overwhelmed by the cherry liqueur. While the cheeseburger looked stunning, unfortunately, there was not much flavour and was overbaked. Poor Steph. She is clearly dejected and Paul goes over to give her a hug as the nation's hearts break alongside her. It's been quite a journey, Alice's parents made it, Steph fell at the final hurdle and David's partner is wearing short shorts. The results are in and the finalists gather, hands held, to hear the news that... David is the winner! It is surely a Bake Off first that someone is crowned the winner having never won star baker before. Steph may have won 4 times and Alice twice, but David has taken the ultimate crown. Before the credits roll, we get to hear about what the bakers have all been getting on with since filming ended. Winner David has since moved in with his boyfriend Nik, and the episode ends with him getting a winning kiss. Awww. Well, that's all folks. It has been a fun ten weeks and we've loved doing these round-ups and following all the action on Twitter. Until next year!

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