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The Great British Bake Off: caramel week

Last night saw a first ever in the Great British Bake Off tent: caramel. We were sceptical at first, but that soon turned to love.

20th Sep 2017

Last night saw a first ever in the Great British Bake Off tent: caramel. We were sceptical at first, but once we saw that oozing sugary goodness all of that turned to love.
Is caramel really baking? we asked. What can you even make with caramel apart from those delicious millionaire's shortbreads? What on earth will they do for a showstopper? However, our worries were soon put aside when we heard the words "caramel shortbread" uttered to the remaining bakers. Seeing those beautiful layers of shortbread, caramel and chocolate gave us cravings we didn't even know where possible. Is it socially acceptable to eat a can of Carnation caramel with a spoon in front of the TV? This week we said farewell to the much loved Scotsman, Tom, after he landed in a sticky situation when he produced a raw cake. He captured our hearts from week one with his warm smile and his support for the baby of the group, Liam. He reminded us of our uni days when he said what we've all said on deadline week, "that's not right, but whatever". Kate, our Bake Off Wonder Women managed to beat Liam to Star Baker status this week after she impressed the judges so much that Prue Leith asked her for her showstopper recipe! Here's our key moments from caramel week...

We learnt one thing

We are never ever attempting caramel at home. We all moaned about caramel and whether it was really a Bake Off sort of challenge. We were soon put in our place when we remembered how hard it is to make caramel. You need to get the consistency just right, you need to make sure your caramel doesn't crystallise in the pan, you need to watch it doesn't burn and you need to make sure your temperatures are bang on. The amount of precision and concentration required was stressing us out and we were just on the sofa eating snacks! So we really did feel for the bakers as their faces filled with looks of frustration, anger and disgust.

We will be buying stroopwafels

They're more hassle to make than it's worth. Whilst we loved having the history section back and seeing how the pros make these delicious Dutch treats, we don't want to risk burning ourselves or cutting our palms open with a knife. None of the bakers got them right and Stacey won the round by being the best of a bad bunch. So just take a trip to Tesco and grab a pack instead, it's much easier.

The innuendos just kept coming

The episodes are just getting seedier and seedier. We've gone from Paul oiling his fingers to James dipping his nuts in caramel on live TV. Stacey was left disheartened after her showstopper ended up having a less than thrilling erection which had a disappointing finish! God help us.

Yan continues to be a daredevil 

Yan, our hilarious, lovable Yan. Yan has the amazing ability to remain calm even if things aren't going quite right. She was really pushing herself last night, which did put us on edge a bit as she took a fair few risks with what she could achieve in the given time. She pulled through though like she has in all of the rounds and we don't think she'll stop taking risks any time soon.

We're confused that Liam didn't get Star Baker

Liam got the infamous Paul Hollywood handshake after producing a delicious Salted Peanut Butter Shortbread.  He then came he came third in the technical and his White Chocolate & Ginger drippy showstopper did him proud. Yet Kate still nabbed the title, which was well deserved after she produced a delicious cake. But we're still a bit moody about it.
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