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The Great British Bake Off is (briefly) back!

21st Feb 2019

Kettles on, cakes out, The Great British Bake Off is back for Stand Up to Cancer...

Announced yesterday evening via The Great British Bake Off's Instagram page, the return of the show as part of the Stand Up to Cancer charity programme schedule has been confirmed! Though we're yet to receive details confirming the start date, celebrity contestants and how many episodes we'll get, we can look at 2018's schedule for a little guidance. Going by last year, we can expect the Bake Off to start in mid-March, and hopefully we'll get as many as 5 episodes out of the mini-series - hooray! UPDATE: The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off starts Tuesday 5th March, at 8pm on Channel 4! UPDATE: Rylan, Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman are among the contestants.

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