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The Great British Cake Decorator Competition 2018

With 2018's The Great British Cake Decorator competition fast approaching, we spoke to the last two years' winners to get to know more about the ins and outs of the challenge!

Image credit: Great British Cake Decorator Competition 2018

19th Oct 2018





It's that exciting time of year once again, where we start looking for our Great British Cake Decorator of the year! We spoke to two former winners, Nicola Gerrans (2017) and Zoë Burmester (2016) about their experiences. From fairytales to flying friends, we see what it takes to be crowned.

Head over to our website now to see our exciting theme for the 2018 competition (chosen by our wonderful readers) and for your chance to enter and WIN









Great British Cake Decorator competition 2018          Great British Cake Decorator competition 2018

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"For me, GBCD was a really exciting opportunity to make something that I really wanted to make. It was so much fun having that complete creative freedom and being able to use techniques and skills that I wouldn't usually get to showcase on 'every day' cakes.

Winning the competition gave me the much needed confidence to enter my first Cake International competition last year where I won gold. Since then, I've had several designs featured in magazines, and I'm involved in some very exciting up-coming projects through the brilliant cake collaboration groups, 'Sugar Junkies' and 'The Cake Collective'. 

I'd hugely recommend entering, find out what you can really do, and have fun!"





 Great British Cake Decorator competition 2018          Great British Cake Decorator competition 2018


"Entering competitions for any one is a brave step. Whilst for most of us we want to test our abilities it can be very daunting to overcome our feelings of our work not being good enough, and then for it to be displayed and judged for all to see! However I would urge anyone who wants to further their skills to give it a go. It is an opportunity to make a piece 100% for you. It is a chance to learn and test new ideas and to see how far you can push yourself without the pressure of a paying customer to please.  It is also a chance to see your work in comparison against others, and assess where you fit amongst it all. Entering a competition is purely for yourself and once you accept that and overcome the fear factor, you will only but gain from the experience. Even if you don't win, even if you arent completely satisifed with your entry, the experience will be invaluable, and you WILL learn from it. And you just never know, you may win! 

I had no ambition to win when I entered the GBCD competition in 2016, I just wanted the personal challenge to see if I could compete amongst my peers. Winning gave me the confidence to pursue my art further and to raise my standards and ambitions in the industry. It also gave me the opportunity to write for the magazine and in turn teach others tutorials which was an outcome I had in no way anticipated. Our journeys are all different, but remember fortune favours the brave. 

Be brave and do it!! Whats the worst that can happen?!"



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