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The Raindrop Cake is back but this time it's purple

The Raindrop Cake has gained popularity all around the world. Can you believe it – even Manila made their own version! Take a look.

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29th Mar 2017

The Raindrop Cake by Darren Wong has been a common sight on Instagram since its launch.

Now it has gained so much popularity not only in Brooklyn, New York, but also around the world. Can you believe it – even Manila made their version! The Raindrop Cake made its first appearance at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg and caught the attention of those on social media everywhere. It’s returning to the outdoor food market in a new flavor: ube. A purple yam popularised in the Philippines and it's set to be the trendiest food colour of the year. It brings a bright purple hue to the agar-based creation that’s described as a “light, delicate and refreshing raindrop made for your mouth.” The ube Raindrop Cake will be served with coconut on the side and debuts on April 1 at Smorgasburg. Here are some snaps of the original raindrop cakes.

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