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The rise of caketails

17th Aug 2012

There's been much talk in the media lately about cocktail cupcakes so we asked Nicci from Gingercups to tell us about how they began making 'caketails' and what the response has been...

  We started making our first two flavours of caketails back in 2011 – Champagne and Cosmopolitan. The idea was formed from a combination of my favourite drink Champagne and a love for the programme Sex and The City which made the Cosmopolitan cocktail famous! The cupcakes proved very popular with people planning girly get togethers and hen parties so we decided to expand our range to include other well-known cocktail flavours such as Pina Colada, Mojitio and Strawberry Daiquiri. We felt that the combination of alcohol and fruit used in these as drinks also worked well in cakes, and since we have launched the new flavours we have seen a rise in orders for more corporate events and parties. The overall reaction to these cakes has been fantastic, customers not only like the thought of having a boozy cupcake but also like the novelty factor of the designs. We make all our caketails look like the cocktails they are based on and therefore they stand out from the normal cupcakes and are a great talking point. At Gingercups we want to continue the trend for caketails so we are currently developing an exciting new range for Christmas which we will be launching at the Cake and Bake show in September. We are hoping these will prove to be just as popular!! For anybody wanting to make their own caketails my advise would be to start off by putting some of your chosen alcohol into the frosting – this is easy to do but will give your cupcakes a real punch! To find out more about Gingercups visit

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Click here to view our range of live webinars!