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This month's baking essentials

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2nd Nov 2016

Getting a bake just right comes down to the little details and it’s our mission to make all your bakes perfect with these essential tips, ideas and tools.

How do I...stop creamed cake mixtures curdling?
This months baking essentials

Firstly, make sure the eggs are at room temperature. This will make a difference, right off. The butter and sugar need to be creamed really well, producing a light and fluffy mix. Loosely mix the eggs with a fork, but do it gently, then add a few spoonfuls at a time until it’s all in. If you suspect it’s about to curdle, just add a spoonful of flour and carry on beating until it comes together.

Better jellies

If you only want to make a few jars of blueberry jelly or crab apple jelly, you certainly don’t want to start rigging up a DIY straining kit. This fuss-free, three-piece, click-together strainer from Lakeland is a sturdy piece of kit, quick to construct and take apart in seconds, so there’s less hassle when straining jellies, cordials or home brews. The straining bag is included and takes up to 2kg (4lb) fruit. And remember... don’t touch the bag while the juice is dripping through or your jelly will end up cloudy!

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Don't forget...Stir-up Sunday
This months baking essentials

This is when, traditionally, families gather in the kitchen of their homes to mix and steam Christmas pudding. The idea is for parents to teach their children how to mix the pudding ingredients. Everyone takes a turn to stir and make a special wish for the year ahead. By tradition, the pudding mixture is stirred from East to West in honour of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus. This year Stir-up Sunday falls on 20 November.

Truth behind the term...Fold in
This months baking essentials

Many recipes specify that the mixture be folded in. This means that a heavier mixture is combined with a more delicate substance, such as beaten egg whites or whipped cream, without causing a loss of air. One important thing to remember when folding a mixture is to always use a metal spoon.

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