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This raindrop cat cake is the most adorable thing you'll see this week

14th Nov 2016

Ok, so remember that crazy 'cake' trend where there were cakes that looked like giant water droplets?

Yes, we love these cakes too but they are more like clear, flavour-free jellies but we're in awe, nonetheless. Last year, these were a phenomenon. People were very excited and Instagram was the main platform to obsess over them. We get it, considering that they’re literally giant drops of water you can poke, jiggle, and eat it makes sense that everyone went a little bit nutty for these cakes. Now someone who goes by @mithiruka on Twitter has managed to create a sleeping cat out of mizu shingen mochi, that’s the technical name for this water droplet cake. And we can only expect that the craze for this wobbly water will get even bigger as they’ve taken one trend – the water drop ‘cake’ – and combined it with something classic that people will love forever – cats. Fancy giving it a go? Cookpad have a recipe for the cat ‘cake’ using a silicone mould, although it looks great it's not got any flavour and will probably melt fairly quickly. Get ready to Instagram your pur-fect 'cake' cat, pronto! This story first appeared on The Metro
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