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Top 10 Bake Off moments

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16th Aug 2018

It's official. The Great British Bake Off is returning to our screens on the 28th August, and frankly we CAN'T WAIT.

To celebrate the return of what is essentially the baking equivalent of the Premier League, we've been reminiscing over our favourite GBBO moments here in the Food Heaven office. From Norman's pesto to Nadiya's winning speech (with a LOT of innuendo in-between), here are our top 10 Bake Off moments. Enjoy - and come and join us on Facebook to tell us about your favourite moments too!
10. The chillest baker of them all
Top 10 bake off moments Selasi. Need we say more? This super-chill guy was the perfect antidote to the surrounding (and inevitable) stress vibes in the tent. Our favourite Selasi moment? When he simply tried to help out his fellow bakers by letting them know how long they had left. Top 10 Bake Off Moments  
9. "The male judge"
Whether Nancy genuinely forgot Paul Hollywood's name, or played it as a power move, the phase "the male judge" is one that'll go down in history. Intentions aside, it didn't do Nancy any harm as she proceeded to go on to win season 5. Top 10 Bake Off Moments
8. Tamal's deep love for sandwiches past
Most of us have a love story - but not all of them involve, err, sandwiches. Tamal was so deeply moved by a sarnie he once ate, he created an entire bake around it. Now THAT is love. Top 10 Bake Off Moments
7. The baked icing
Technical bakes tend to catch the contestants out at the best of times... but occasionally, it seems that they completely get in their heads, replacing any semblance of sanity they once had. Surely that's the only reason that Mat put his icing in the oven, rather then the freezer? Top 10 Bake Off Moments
6. Noel's inherent Noel-ness
You can't escape the controversy that GBBO caused back in 2017, and while everyone has an opinion on the replacements for Mel, Sue and Mary - we've embraced it. It's almost hard to remember what the Bake Off was like before Noel's beautiful weirdness got involved. Top 10 Bake Off Moments
5. Mary's keen interest in alcoholic bakes
Whether it's a flavour in the cake batter, essence used in an icing, or a shot of something naughty to accompany a slice, there's no denying that Mary Berry enjoys cake involving a tipple. We miss you M Bez! Top 10 Bake Off Moments
4. Custard-gate
Need we say more? Deborah mistook Howard's custard for her own, and people got VERY PASSIONATE about the situation. It was resolved in probably the most GBBO way possible. (See also: ice cream-gate in the 2014 season.)
3. Paul's lion bread
Bread week had never seen anything quite as majestic as Paul's lion masterpiece presented in season 6 of GBBO. It won him a Hollywood handshake - but NOT Star Baker, much to everyone on Twitter's dismay. Top 10 Bake Off Moments
2. Nadiya's winning speech
Just when we thought we couldn't love Nadiya any more, she pulls out a belter of a speech when presented with the coveted Great British Bake Off trophy. We're ALWAYS very here for her 'believe in yourself' vibes. Top 10 Bake Off Moments
1. Norman's exotic pesto
There's no shame in saying that we were rooting for Norman from the beginning. His simple bakes might not have always hit the mark, but he'll always, always, always be our favourite unlikely Bake Off hero. Our fave Norman moment? When he jazzed up his bake with the most exotic ingredient of them all - pesto.

Take a look at the trailer for this year's GBBO here. 

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