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Top 10 fault line cakes

Introducing fault line cakes - the latest cake trend in town! 2019 has been a great year for cake trends overall, but fault line cakes might be our fave yet

8th Aug 2019

Introducing fault line cakes - the latest cake trend in town!

2019 has been a great year for cake trends overall, but this summer has brought us fault line cakes and we are OBSESSED! Here, we've scoured the internet to bring you ten of our favourite designs so far. Take a look, get inspired, and start planning your own!

Rose gold sprinkle fault line by Sprinkle Pop

Pink, gold, and oh-so pretty, this fault line cake is a perfect example of the trend! Sprinkles of varying sizes work well to create a dramatic contrast in texture with this fault line.

fault line cake 1
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Stencil perfection fault line by @ellesweetshoppe

Colour choice, sprinkle edging and stencil perfection all combine in this cake by Eliza of @ellesweetshoppe on Instagram! The piped 'crown' adds height to the bake, and we love hoe the same colour has been used for the stencil work on the fault line.

fault line cake 2

Mermaid magic fault line by @juliesartisanbakeryllc

We love a combination of trends, and the mermaid meets fault line cake trend is a match made in deep-sea heaven! The use of scales as the fault line is inspired, and the colour use here is just perfect.

fault line cake 3

Stencil perfection fault line by @safscakecouture_

Another classic fault line cake, but here we fell in love with the yellow, grey and white colour scheme! This close-up really highlights the differences in texture, and we're huge fans of the super-smooth golden buttercream here!

Fault line cake 4

Fluoro tropical fault line by The Scran Line

This might be the epitome of the fault line trend, and BOY are we here for it! The floral buttercream stencil work and the perfectly smooth bright pink coating is a match made in 1980s Hawaii heaven.

Buttercream flowers fault line by Sugar High Score

Who says that the fault line has to recede?! This bake features a prominent fault line floral band that stands proud of the smooth marble-like finish either side. Perhaps more a work of art than a cake!

fault line cake 5

Tiger's eye fault line by @msbroadwayscakes

A totally different take on the fault line cake trend here, and it's so powerful! The tiger's eye is spot on, and the vibrant blue pairs with the tiger stripes and gold claw-mark detailing perfectly.

Tiger fault line cake

Lavender detail fault line cake by @tajaddod_catering

Another twist on the theme, this fault line cake acts almost like a lavender jacket to the beautifully intricate striped undercoat layer! The gold detailing really adds a layer of decadence to the cake.

fault line cake 7

Chocolate heaven fault line cake by @ck_bakez

Chocolate lovers unite! This bake is a masterpiece that any chocoholic will be ALL too happy to receive. We love the idea of adding pre-made chocolate edibles to form the fault line layer - it really does add a depth of texture to the finished cake. fault line cake 8

Sprinkles square fault line cake by @noeycakes

Some might say we've saved the best 'till last, and we can't disagree! This masterpiece uses a square form rather than a circle, and the effect that gives is ruddy brilliant. Pair the unusual shape with a perfect fault line, excellent colours and the most jazzy sprinkles we've ever seen, and you know you've got a winning showstopper on your hands!

Fault line cake 10

We're all fault line caked out! For more top ten-style inspo, take a look here. 

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