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Top 10 fuss-free vegan baking recipes

There's no shortage of vegan baking recipes out there, but we're big fans of fuss-free options that don't rely on niche, hard-to-find ingredients.

10th Jan 2019

Who says you need eggs to bake?

Whether you follow a plant-based lifestyle orĀ  just need great dairy-free recipes, vegan baking is a great way of getting your sweet fix! There's no shortage of vegan recipes out there, but we're big fans of fuss-free options that don't rely on niche, hard-to-find ingredients. Simply stock up on coconut oil and vegan marg, and you'll be good to go! Here, you'll find 10 vegan baking recipes, all hand-picked for their taste and ease-of-making. Got your own recipe to add to the list? Let us know over on our Facebook page - we'd love to hear from you!

Lemon Meringue Pie

vegan baking

Short pastry, sharp lemon filling and fluffy, sweet meringue. YUM. Is there anything better than a lemon meringue pie? It's easier to create a vegan version than you might think. Take a look at the recipe here!

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Very Berry Cupcakes

This cupcake recipe is simple but effective, and mostly used direct replacements for any animal-derived products. Think Vegan marg instead of butter, and oil instead of egg. The best bit - you can always adapt the flavours to your taste! We've found that lime and white chocolate works rather well... See the recipe here.

Chocolate Rice Crispies with Almond Caramel

Chocolate doesn't have to contain milk to be delicious - trust us! These treats are simple enough to make with the kids, but the texture and the almond caramel really does make them into a decadent treat. Easy peasy! See the recipe here.

Chocolate, Mango and Citrus Superfood Cupcakes

It's fair to say that these aren't cupcakes in the truest sense of the word - think of them more as a delicious cheesecake and you're more on the right track. But, take into consideration all the superfoods these cakes include, and you could try and argue that they're healthy as well as vegan! See the recipe here.

Cookies and Cream Cake

vegan oreo cake

Cookies and cream is a pairing made in heaven, and this fluffy cake is the perfect platform! You honestly can't tell that this bake is vegan - and we challenge any of your family or friends to guess too! See the recipe here.

Apple, Olive Oil and Pine Nut Cake

Low sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free - this cake has it all! Perfect for those visitors that are a bit tricky to bake for. See the recipe here!

Blackberry Chocolate Cupcakes

We reckon these are perfect for bake sales - they're super cute, delicious, and straight-forward to make. What more could you need?! See the recipe here.

Mushroom, Potato and Watercress Pie

Who says bakes have to always be sweet?! We count pastry (even pre-made) as baking - and this pie is the perfect winter warmer when served up with veggies and gravy, but can also make a filling dinner in summer if paired with a seasonal salad. Perfect! See the recipe here.

Hummingbird Cake

For sweet, nutty deliciousness, you can't go wring with this cake. What's more, the topping of vegan cream cheese frosting is incredible! See the recipe here.

Grand celebration cake


This cake is the ultimate fuss-free way of baking - in that you can get one made for you! Vegan baking isn't just on the rise in the domestic quarter, but the commercial baking market too. Dedicated vegan bakers are creating amazing cakes like this beauty from Black Day Bakes - ideal for birthdays, weddings, or any other big celebrations!

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