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Top 10 Geometric Cakes

17th Jan 2017

Sharp edges, hexagons, squares these geometric shapes all contribute to this fabulous look

We all need a little pick me up as the dark clouds and rain descends upon us in the UK so here's a little bit of colour and fun to brighten up your day. From white and black contrast to, white and gold decor, square and triangular shapes of all colours can bring a cake to life. By using this trend you can spruce up a very simple or traditional wedding cake by giving it this unexpected modern twist.

Gold, white and black hexagon cake by My Sweet & Saucy

It's hip to be square! We love this funky creation by Cesar Renteria Cakes

Stunning turquoise waterfall by Sugared Saffron 

On the edge by Mark Joseph 

Pearly pink and white spider web cake By Baked by Mike

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Colour block wedding cake by AK Cake Design

We love this modern coral and pastel creation by 100 Layer Cake

By Claire Kemp Studios

Palm Springs colour pop cake by Ibi cake

Subtle ombre tiling effect via Brit and Co

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