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Top 5 Non-stick fondant mats

Non-stick fondant maps help to measure, roll, and cut fondant, dough, or other modelling pastes. Find out which one you should purchase.

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31st Jan 2017

Non-stick fondant maps help to measure, roll, and cut fondant, dough, or other modelling pastes

We've heard some of you won't even use a non-stick mat, the brave ones might simply cover the surface with a a sheet of foil, placing a little butter or oil on it. However, for those of you are just starting out and if you prefer to work on a ready-made surface the debate continues; silicone or vinyl? Silicone is often heavier but is often leaves cutting marks however Vinyl can slip around on your surface, causing you hours of frustration.Vinyl mats are sometimes considered a health risk, some are petroleum based and contain phthalates that are used as a plasticiser. These types of chemicals are known to create health problems and concentrations of these can build in the body over time. Well, we have found the best of both worlds, in our top five picks.

Ateco 24x36

This mat is top of the price range but you can't fault it's non-stick surface, plus it has easy-to-read grid for sizing round, rectangle and square cake decorations. It's also made of durable, food-grade silicone and is difficult to tear even with the best of knives.

Get it on Amazon, £153

Sweetwise THE MAT PRO - XL 30" non stick mat 

Approved by the FDA (Food & Drum Administration), this vinyl mat was made using only food-safe materials (eg soybean oil to lubricate machinery) and is completely safe for use with foodstuffs. Another attractive reason to buy is the 2 mat system; place icing between the mats and pin out as normal - the unique, virtually non-stick material allows you to roll sugarpaste thinly and evenly

Get it on CakeStuff, £27.45

FMM Non-Stick Smart Mat

Easy for rolling out sugarpaste, rolled fondant, ready to roll icing, flower paste, pastillage, gumpaste and other modelling pastes. Advantages to this mat are that food colours wash and wipe away easily and both the bottom and top can be used as the presentation side.


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Get it on FMM, £6.44

Geometric Impression Mats

Create perfect filigree and geometric patterns achieving beautiful results each time, adding instant decoration to cakes and cupcakes! Use with sugar paste, rolled fondant, gum paste, and marzipan.

Material: Food Grade Acrylic

Get it on Iced Gems Shop, £3.75

Wilton Roll and Cut Mat Fondant Fun

Fondant will come up really easily on this mat and the size guides are very helpful, just make sure you put a little water under your mat to make it stick.

Get it on Amazon, £8.05

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