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Top Cake Trends for 2017

Image credit: Colorful layered Birthday cake with sprinkles and candy over a pink background.

10th Jan 2017

Step aside lace cakes, the New Year is bringing in a wide range of colour and design trends that all cake decorators need to keep up with!

According to Heather Sisson, vice-president of customer relations at Lucks Food Decorating Co, “You’ll start seeing more chalky pastels in 2017,” Ms. Sisson said. Cake decorators are moving between city and suburbs in their cake designs, and this brings a combination of grit and beauty into the design process. Painting on cakes also falls into this trend. Other important cake trends in 2017 include plenty of emojis, sweets and cereals, Ms. Sisson explained. But don't discard all the popular trends in 2016 because the drippy cake trend is still expected to grow, as well as youthful, succinct messaging like “HBD” on cakes instead of Happy Birthday.
Urban Fiesta
As cultures merge they begin to influence new design combinations. There are multiple cultures in play, but Urban Fiesta designs are specifically filtered down from South American patterns and colours, particularly those found in Brazil. There is a greater desire for dark, rich backgrounds and vibrant colours as might appear in the jungle.
  • Natural textures, flowering cactus, hibiscus and lush greenery are key!
  • Sweet, natural fruit flavours like mango, banana and pineapple are favourites, as are the luxurious tastes of dark chocolate and coffee bean.
  • Wood grains, earthenware and natural rock textures add interest to design. Florals, leaves and animal prints are also essential to this trend.
  • Outdoor celebrations allow the beauty of nature to be part of the setting.
  • Urban Fiesta colours combine earth with fire in a multitude of greens among hues of exotic plant life and fruits.
Soft Pop
[caption id="attachment_11217" align="aligncenter" width="300"]soft-pop-2 Image: The Kitchen McCabe[/caption]
This trend is playful and innocent with soft colours and delicious, sugary cakes. It's been driven by the Millennial generation and their love for social media. Cakes have turned into new form of communication delivery for all generations who grew up celebrating with sweet treats. Keep an eye out for surprises amongst this trend! Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.
  • This trend offers Millennial's new ways to talk offline with cute, cheeky messages. Using desserts to express thoughts with playful text, drawings and emojis is all part of the fun.
  • Food on food - this is new trend of adding dessert icons to the cake is popular. Whether that's watermelon, ice cream, macarons, donuts, popsicles and other sweet treats.
  • The palette is deceivingly innocent - soft pastels are often paired with startling pops of bright colour. And look out for funky flavours like marshmallow, bubblegum, cake batter, and watermelon.
  • Confetti and sprinkles are used in abundance and are often in geometric shapes.
Into the Woods
[caption id="attachment_11222" align="aligncenter" width="300"]starry-nights-campfires-themed-woodland-camping-birthday-party-via-karas-party-ideas-karaspartyideas-com21 Image: Kara's Party Ideas[/caption]
This style comes from the desire to adventure and undertake exploration with friends and family. More peaceful times are found on the outskirts of the city, deep into the woods or mountains.A fresh sense of adventure and appreciation for the beauty of earth is awakened and shared with family and friends. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.
  • Woodland creatures, bugs, arrows, teepees and compasses are essential.
  • Primitive textures like forest wood, rock and earth are abundant, as are natural items found among the trees, like pine cones.
  • The colours are simple and lively, yet mellowed and earthy as if taken from the natural scenery into the city.
  • The dessert table consciously displays playful treats, specifically for the smaller hands in the family. Smaller portion desserts such as brownies,marshmallows and cupcakes accompany sharable pies and cakes.
Ancient Modernity
[caption id="attachment_11221" align="aligncenter" width="300"]a610b14d34d23de6ab36adf8e3d7596c Image: Indian Wedding Design[/caption]
There is a and leisure is reinvented in Past Modern with opulent imagery.Rich metallics, pristine whites and extravagant designs make each dessert a masterpiece. Without a boundary to time, this trend pulls design from years gone by into the future with elegance. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.
  • Icons include flowers, kingly crowns, green laurels and grecian references.
  • Cascading dots, delicate lace, painterly stripes and reworked, historical patterns add a luxurious finish to desserts and décor.
  • Decadent flavors like chocolate, fig, honey, rose and pomegranate tempt the tastebuds.
  • The colors relive the days of glamour and Art Deco with combinations of black, white and gold or the simplicity of pure white on white. These are generously paired with blush pinks and metallic finishes.
  • Abundant fresh fruit and berries surround exquisite desserts and artisan pies. They indicating an attention to detail that is appreciated and expected.
Colour of the Year
[caption id="attachment_11223" align="aligncenter" width="300"]eab5809b65853c28232c09b0d92b8a34 Image: Bakerella[/caption]
This new colour is a vibrant green it represents a fresh start inspired by the first days of spring. Greenery is more present in urban planning and design. This fresh feel satisfies our craving to delve into the natural world, offering rejuvenation and regrowth. Greenery will be seen on cakes and desserts throughout the year as organic, climbing features and juicy washes of colour. These trends first appeared on Lucks and this story was adapted from Baking Business
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