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Top ten number cakes

These divine number cakes – baked in a specialised tin – are delicately layered with a piped filling and topping, but the decorations are where they really shine!

15th Nov 2018

One, two, three, four, it's number cakes that we adore!

There's no escaping the number cake trend - and to be honest, we wouldn't want to! These divine cakes - baked in a specialised tin - are delicately layered with a piped filling and topping, but the decorations are where they truly come into their own. Macarons, meringue kisses. Edible flowers, chocolate work, sprinkles - there really is no limit to what can work on a number cake! Here, you'll find ten of our absolute favourites to act as inspiration for your own number cake creations. Enjoy!

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Elegant number cake by The Baking Suite

This is the quintessential number cake, and we absolutely adore it. Consistent piping work, visible cake, and macarons, fresh fruit and flowers make this number cake the epitome of the trend.

31 number cake

Unicorn number cake by The Craft Company

Allow us to use a little artistic license - we do know that an E isn't a number - but we can't help ourselves. We just love when two trends combine, and the unicorn and letter/ number cake trends are a match made in cake heaven.

Unicorn letter cake

Mermaid number cake by Jenelle's Custom Cakes

In the same vein, we're definitely loving this creation too! Combining the mermaid, under-the-sea theme that's continuing through to 2019 (quite rightly!), this bake features just the right amount of decoration while still showing the piping work and the bake itself. Lovely!

mermaid number cake

Chocolate number 6 by The Little Cake Maker

Who said you have to keep number cakes clean and delicate? This chocolate number cake is a bit more in-your-face, but who wouldn't want a slice of this beauty?!

Number cake

Biscuit number cake by Dolce Vita

Who said this trend only applies to sponge cakes?! We're very here for this biscuit interpretation. Topped with fruit, this creation looks fresh, and small enough to be baked as a gift for someone special. Lovely!

Biscuit number cake

Pink-toned biscuit number cake by Heavens Sweetness Shop

Another biscuit affair, but we're very much in love with the millennial pink tones in the decoration of this number cake! Making use of berries, macarons, meringue kisses, additional piping and flowers, this cake is certainly pretty in pink.

Pink biscuit cake

Stylish colour number cake by Tenttare

Offering a twist on the white piping, this cake uses a caramel-toned buttercream and neutral accents with pops of lilac and purple. Just imagine the possibilities with this – in our mind, this is flavoured salted caramel buttercream. Divine!

Stylish tones number cake

Brilliant colour number cake by Perfectly Piped

How about this for a kid's birthday party?! If you can cope with the sugar high, the colours, textures, and extra edible treats on the top of this cake could make for a real showstopper on the buffet table!

Brilliant colour number cake

Brick biscuit number cake found on Pinterest

This bake takes number cakes to a whole new realm - and the best bit? We don't think it'd be that complicated to make! Small brick biscuits give the house-effect on the finished number cake, and would make a terrific just-moved-in present.

Brick 5 number cake

Pretty in pink number cake by Hunny Danny Cake

If you're looking for baby shower inspiration, look no further. This cake would be the perfect cake for a baby girl – and would also work brilliantly for birthdays, christenings... any occasion where it's okay to go full-pink! What's more, there are three layers to this number cake. Where's our fork!?

Pink number cake

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